7th Annual Kid’s Classic Underway

OCEAN CITY- Young anglers will get their moment in the spotlight this weekend when the Ocean City Marlin Club hosts its 7th Annual Kids Classic Tournament.

Throughout the summer, the big boys and girls get to show off their fishing skills practically every weekend with one tournament or another, but the focus during this weekend’s 7th Annual Kid’s Classic will clearly be on the younger anglers. The event is open to all anglers age 19 or younger.

With several categories both inshore and offshore, there will be opportunities for all young anglers participating to get on the leaderboard. Inshore species targeted this weekend include flounder, mackerel, trout, taug, seabass and spadefish. Those opting to go offshore will target tuna, dolphin, wahoo, bonita and even billfish.

The annual tournament is held for the benefit of the Wish-A-Fish Foundation, a national program that provides opportunities for kids with special needs, whether they are suffering from a life-threatening illness or suffer from long-term disability, to enjoy a day on the water catching fish.

Sunset Marina will host the weigh-ins each fishing day but most of the tournament activity will be centered at the host Ocean City Marlin Club. For example, a cookout will be held tomorrow night at the club, while Sunday’s activities include a carnival and awards ceremony. For more information, contact the Ocean City Marlin Club at (410) 213-1613.