Surf Angler Hooks Unique Find

FENWICK — A surf angler enjoying a late afternoon on the beach just north of Fenwick Island last Friday made a grim discovery when he reeled in a large clump of hair, sunglasses and some jewelry.

The surf fisherman was on the beach just north of Fenwick around 4 p.m. last Friday when his line became entangled with debris. The 67-year-old surf angler from Graysonville reeled in his tackle and inspected more closely the items that turned out to be a quantity of hair about the size of one’s palm, a pair of Fossil sunglasses, a shark-tooth necklace and some hair bands.

The items were not turned over until the following morning to Delaware State Police, who took custody of the unusual catch. The clump of hair is described in police reports to have “a decaying odor with varying quantities of snails, small crabs and other sea life entangled throughout.”

It remains uncertain this week if there are any active missing persons cases or suspect drowning cases in the area. Delaware State Police have turned the hair over to the state’s Medical Examiner’s Office, which will attempt to determine the species and sex of the discovery, a process that could take a considerable amount of time, according to DSP officials.

“The medical examiner’s investigation could take up to four weeks to complete,” said DSP Master Corporal Bruce Harris this week. “Once a determination as to human or otherwise hair is made, we will be able to proceed in a specific direction.”