Liquor License Requests Granted

SNOW HILL — Half a dozen local bars and restaurants came before the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners (BLC) Wednesday with a variety of requests, all aimed at preparing for more business this summer.

The most dramatic expansion discussed was the merging of Dr. Unks’ Class B Beer/Wine/Liquor license with Marlin Market Holdings, Inc. Currently, Dr. Unks is a West Ocean City bar that shares a shopping center with a convenience store. The entire center is owned by William Cook, who plans on reworking Dr. Unks and renaming it “The 19th Hole Bar and Grille.”

While the physical layout of the center won’t change, the crowd Cook is hoping to attract will.

“We want to design it more for families,” said Cook. “We have a great product and a nice atmosphere.”

To reflect the change in attitude, Cook is planning on running untraditional hours, opening at 6 a.m. and closing by 11 p.m., with everyone off the premises by midnight. Though the bar will have live entertainment, the bands will be gone by 10 p.m.

O.C. Wasabi owners Yow Ha and Chinch Diu received permission from the BLC to sell liquor as well as beer and wine. Additionally, Ha and Diu requested permission to expand their restaurant by 800 square feet, adding 34 seats.

Other petitions made included requests to add a deck onto a bar by Harborside Bar and Grille and to add a DJ as entertainment at M.R. Ducks. Both requests were approved.