Major Renovation Underway At Royalton Hotel

OCEAN CITY – The Royalton Hotel is presently undergoing some renovations and is partaking in Ocean City Development Corporations (OCDC) façade program.

According to OCDC Executive Director Glenn Irwin, the Royalton is one of the oldest Boardwalk hotels in Ocean City and was built in 1927 by Harry and Ethel Kelley, who were the parents of former Ocean City Mayor Harry Kelley.

Irwin added that the owners of the building are investing a significant amount of money for the needed improvements. With OCDC’s assistance through the façade program, the Royalton Hotel’s improvement work includes new vinyl siding windows doors, balconies along 11th Street, railings and a new ramp.

Besides the façade program, the hotel has taken part in the OCDC Green Building Initiatives Program. Many of the new windows and doors are Energy Star rated to increase the building’s energy efficiency.

The OCDC recently announced that since the beginning OCDC has completed 102 façade projects. In 2010, it had a part in 23 façade projects and still has several underway. OCDC recently completed its 100th façade project, which was the Buckingham Hotel.

“There have been a number of significant façade projects completed in the downtown area over the past several years,” Irwin said. “We believe the renovation of the Royalton Hotel will be one of the top façade projects once finished.”