Ocean City News In Brief

OCEAN CITY – The Mayor and City Council approved a list of requests this week during Tuesday afternoon’s work session. Here’s a recap:

Fire Department Requests Approved

The council voted unanimously to approve the Ocean City Fire Department’s request to purchase a Zoll Autopulse Cardiac Support Pump and replacement turnout gear.

The cardiac supportive pump is a revolutionary new automated chest compression system that helps deliver improved blood flow during sudden cardiac arrest. According to Fire Chief Chris Laramore, Atlantic General Hospital has had patients walk out of the hospital after having the device used on them during cardiac arrest. The replacement of turnout gear includes 40 sets of Black Advance Tail Coats and Black Advance Pants. The replacement gear is for both the Volunteer and Career staff.

Building Permit Fess Waived For Good Cause

The council voted to waive building permit fees for an elevator installation in the Children’s House by the Sea.

The mission of Believe In Tomorrow’s Children’s House is to provide extraordinary healing environments, where children with life threatening illnesses, accompanied by their parents and siblings, can go throughout their medical treatment to renew their energies mentally and physically.

Currently the house only has a wheel chair lift that goes to the first floor. An elevator is being donated by Delaware Elevator as well as other community groups and businesses. The elevator will allow children and family members in wheelchairs access to the entire house.

Sponsorship Policy Approved

Recreation and Parks Director Tom Shuster drafted a policy for sponsorship and the plan is projected to describe the scope of past practices and commonly held understandings that have been applied to sponsorships and the sponsorship advertising restrictions.

The overview of the policy states, the town is open to pursuing sponsorship opportunities with corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals where the sponsorship is of mutual benefit to both parties. The city manager and the designated town employees and agents are authorized to solicit sponsorship opportunities within guidelines established by the town. Sponsorship agreements may include a franchise that grants a product or service exclusivity component. Donations given by businesses, organizations and individuals in support of underwriting recreation programs, events and facilities are not considered sponsorship but are subject to the marketing and advertising exclusions contained in the guidelines.

The council voted unanimously to approve the policy.

Taxi Ordinance Amended

Councilman Doug Cymek reviewed the Police Commission meeting from March 9. During that meeting, there was a large discussion concerning a proposed increase in taxi fares. Although a conclusion was never drawn on whether taxi fares will be increased, the council did vote unanimously to amend the taxi ordinance concerning notifications of the hire, fire or transfer of taxi drivers.

The council agreed that the owner and driver of a taxi cab company are required to submit a written notification to the Ocean City Police Department within five days of a hire, fire, or transfer of a taxi company’s employee in order for the proper notification for a drug test, which is required by code.

The vote also approved the hire of a part-time hack inspector who will be paid through taxi fees to the town. A hack inspector is responsible for addressing the licensing of drivers and inspection of taxicabs as well as addressing violation concerns.