17th Annual Kite Festival Returns To OC

OCEAN CITY — The sky above the resort will be painted with every color under the sun at the 17th Annual Maryland International Kite Expo (M.I.K.E.), set for April 29-30 and May 1.

The festival will be showcasing a spectacular cast of kite flyers from all over the United States. The giant kite field will be coordinated by Jeff and Joyce King. Thousands of spectators will watch giant kites, as big as a city bus, fly high above the Ocean City skyline.

In addition, stunt teams will perform amazing acrobatic maneuvers all in sync to the delight of the crowds. One such team is the Rev Ryders from New England, who are four precision kite fliers, all flying four line kites in perfect formation. They will perform amazing routines choreographed to music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Team Rev Ryder is a group of dedicated fliers who came together in the spring of 2009 with one goal in mind, the promotion of quad team flying. It’s been a mainstay of European kite flying for many years, starting back in the early 90’s in England and eventually spreading to a handful of countries throughout Europe with various groups.

Returning once again for 2011 will be MASKC – Mid-Atlantic Sport Kite Championships.

MASKC 2011 will offer the full slate of Eastern League sanctioned disciplines, including the new Novice multi-line precision and ballet events.  If there is sufficient interest, we will also offer Open Multiline Pairs events.

“Spectators will experience the thrill of watching sport kite demonstrations and get the opportunity to meet the greatest kite flyers in the world.  Visitors will understand why Ocean City is the Kite Capital of the World,” said Jay Knerr of the Kite Loft. “Ocean City is one of the best places in the world to showcase kites. It is home to the world’s largest kite retailer (Kite Loft) and now to America’s most exciting kite festival. Hundreds of kite fliers from east coast clubs and sport kite competitors from around the country will fill the sky with an explosion of color, a photographer’s dream come true.”

Entertainment throughout the weekend festival will include:

Free sport kite lessons and a “How to fly a kite” field is offered in front of the Kite Loft between 5th and 6th streets on the beach during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Free Children’s candy drops will take place through the day.

Guest kite fliers with giant kite exhibitions at 4th Street – will be coordinated by Jeff and Joyce King.

Rev Riders will perform Quad line demos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Rev Games with quad kites is a must see.

East coast kite clubs will showcase their kites with incredible air and ground displays from 1st to 5th streets along the Boardwalk. Featured kite clubs this year are Wings Over Washington, the Maryland Kite Society, the Lehigh Valley Kite Society, the South Jersey Kite Fliers, Keystone Kiters, and the Richmond Air Force.

Music will be played throughout the day at The Kite Loft on 5th Street and Boards.

The event will take place on the beach from 1st Street to 6th Street. This is a free event and the general public is encouraged to bring their kites and have a fun filled day of kite flying.