Is That Zero Tolerance?

After reading the article on the 7-Eleven at 139th Street in Ocean City selling alcohol to an underage OCPD cadet, I think it was unfair to terminate Alok Adhikari.

According to records, this is the fourth incident in several years. The employees responsible for the previous incidents were not terminated for selling to a minor, in fact one of those employees continues to work for Ms. Pohucki. I guess her form of punishment doesn’t apply to all employees equally.

As for Ms. Pohucki’s statement that "he betrayed our store and our trust". Didn’t the other three employees betray her trust also?

I will definitely be taking my business to another store where all employees are treated equally.

Michael Flemming
Ocean City

Support Appreciated, Needed

The Worcester County Humane Society would like to thank everyone that donated to the shelter in 2010.

From monetary support to supplies, no donation was too small and all benefit our animals. We received wonderful contributions all year round, and especially during the 2010 holiday season. Numerous people and local businesses held fund raisers for us. These are greatly appreciated. As a no kill shelter, our expenses are many.

A word of caution to those that contribute to us through events held by local businesses. Please check with the shelter to make sure it is a legitimate fundraiser and that we are aware of the event. Several businesses in 2010 advertised that events held benefited the Humane Society. Unfortunately, we have never received any funds from these events, despite contacting the businesses about this issue.

We hope 2011 will be just as prosperous of a year as 2010. This year we are holding our 1st Annual Cash Raffle, with a grand prize of $10,000. Contact the shelter to purchase tickets. Also on April 30, during the morning hours, please come down to the boards and participate in our main fundraiser, Board Walkin’ for Pets.

Thank you for all the community support.

Kelly Austin

(The writer is the secretary for Worcester County Humane Society.)

A Call For Assistance

The Delmarva Association of Animal Rescuers just received an email from one of its members, Town Cats, and the contents of said email have inspired us to reach out to the local community for ask for their assistance.

Town Cats maintains a working colony of 35-40 cats at Ocean Downs but was recently informed by track management that they would like the number reduced to just 12. They have given Town Cats Manager Jeanne Donovan until the end of March to accomplish the reduction or they will have animal control start removing and euthanizing some of the colony.

All of the cats in the colony have been through TNR so all are spayed/neutered and fully up to date on their shots. One of the biggest hurdles, according to Ms. Donovan, is “None of these cats would be considered adoptable. They are all three or older and most of them were born on the track.”

What this means, basically, is that any of the cats that are removed must be placed as barn or farm cats or in another setting where they will have minimal contact with humans. They would not make very good housecats but will be quite beneficial to anyone who needs a 4-legged watchcat to protect their property against mice and other rodents.

The DAAR is asking the Delmarva Community to step up and help save these precious lives. If you have a farm or know of someone with a farm or similar setting and would like to adopt one of these sweet animals before they are put down we urge you to contact Jeanne and make arrangements to view her colony so that you may choose a couple of her colony members to take home. 

Thanks for all of your help.

Paul Toulotte
Ocean City

(The writer is the founder of the Delmarva Association of Animal Rescuers.)

Welcome To Wicomico
Welcome to The Dispatch to Wicomico County and especially Salisbury.

What a treat it was to leave Superfresh on Friday, Feb. 18 and see your newspaper in the exit area. I thought for a moment I must be in Ocean City.

I have a condominium in Ocean City and although I’m only 35 minutes away I don’t get there as much as I would like to between November and March.

I always wonder what I’m missing “at the beach,” especially the restaurant offerings and discounts in the “off season.”

I think you have the best free newspaper at the beach — state news, regional happenings, county information, local goings-on, social functions, education and sports updates, fun photos and so much more.

I wish you success in your new endeavor.

Paula Johnson