Super Bowl Sales To Assist Diakonia In Difficult Time

BERLIN — An area business used this month’s Super Bowl as a chance to give back to the community.

The Greene Turtle in North Ocean City donated 10 percent of its sales on Sunday, Feb. 6 to the local Diakonia, a nonprofit organization which provides counseling, emergency food and housing and support services to those in need.

“They are huge supporters,” said Diakonia Executive Director Claudia Nagle of the Greene Turtle. “They’re very generous.”

Just how generous hasn’t been calculated yet, and Nagle doubted she would have the exact figure for at least a few weeks. However, considering how popular the Ocean City establishment is during sporting events, it’s likely the contribution will be significant.

According to Nagle, the charitable act couldn’t have come at a better time.

“This year, the demand is greater than ever,” she said.

Because of the dip in the economy over the last few years, Nagle explained that the Diakonia is seeing more clients in need of service then they are used to. The rise in unemployment and homelessness means more emergency housing and support is necessary than the organization can currently provide.

“We’re at our capacity in our current situation,” Nagle said.

While Diakonia receives both federal and state funding, Nagle asserted local support is most important.

“The bulk of our donations come from the community itself,” she said.

Nagle stated that a combination of grant funding, contributions from businesses and donations from local individuals all help keep the organization’s programs afloat. And with housing constantly at or near capacity, not to mention the approximately 500 bags of groceries Diakonia distributes every month, along with a myriad of other services, the Greene Turtle’s act will certainly have a positive impact on the community.

While this is the first year that the restaurant has promised 10 percent of its Super Bowl sales to the Diakonia, Nagle asserted the Greene Turtle has always done its part helping both her organization and others in the community.

“They’ve never done anything as big as dedicating a whole day to us before,” Nagle said.

Other services that the restaurant provides for the less fortunate in the area include offering free meals during the holiday season.

“They treat them very well,” Nagle said, referring to the Greene Turtle’s relationship with locals in need.