Bloxom, Cummins Named To State Commission

BERLIN — A pair of familiar names and faces were among Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s list of “green bag” nominations submitted to the state senate last week for appointment or reappointment to various state boards and commissions.Former Worcester County Commission President and current county attorney John “Sonny” Bloxom and former County Planning Commission chairperson and… Read more »

School Board Clarifies Bus Standards

SNOW HILL — Even with the Worcester County Board of Education in a perpetual budget crunch, members decided to impose strict standards upon themselves when it comes to replacing school buses.Prior to last week’s Board of Education meeting, the official policy was that all replacement buses purchased by the county would have to be “generally… Read more »

Salisbury Council Delays Annexation Decision

SALISBURY — The possible annexation of land near Booth St. received some hesitant interest from the Salisbury Council.Currently, the area in question contains 100 two-story townhouses on approximately 10 acres of land.“The property is obsolete,” said Al Gentry, the owner of Cornerstone LLC.Gentry proposed that the council annex the land so that a new development… Read more »

Dolphin Found In Bethany Beach

BETHANY BEACH – Officials are seeking an outside opinion on the exact cause behind the death of a white sided dolphin that washed ashore on the beach this week.On Tuesday, a white sided dolphin washed ashore onto the beaches of Bethany Beach, Del. Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute (MERR) Executive Director Suzanne Thurman reported… Read more »

Slots In Clubs Looks Promising, Legislators Say

OCEAN CITY — Companion bills that would allow limited slot machine gambling in non-profit service clubs, fraternal organizations and veteran’s groups in Worcester had preliminary hearings in their respective House and Senate committees last week, and local lawmakers appear confident the legislation will pass.For each of the last three years, a bill that would have… Read more »

Proposed Septic System Ban Comes At Bad Time

As expected, Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposed ban on septic system went over like the proverbial lead balloon for many Marylanders earlier this month, particularly those of us on the rural Eastern Shore.In his State of the State address, the governor announced his intention to seek a ban on septic system use in new developments. Within… Read more »