Diapers In December

The Judy Center, which provides services that promote school readiness in children from birth to age 5, sponsored “Diapers in December” in order to collect diapers for Worcester County families in need. Judy Center Director Mary Jo Price stands by one of the collection boxes displaying some of the 7,000 diapers collected in the drive…. Read more »

Things I Like

School playsWings and football

Ricky Gervais’ humor

A bookshelf of childrens books

Life magazine’s app

Moving song lyrics 
Kevin Fleming’s photos

Animated films

Random comments from my sonPeople who are flexibleThe Speed of a new computer

What’s Your Sign?

ARIES (March 21 to April 19): Single Lambs looking for romance could find Cupid especially accommodating this week. Paired partners also find their relationships benefiting from the chubby cherub’s attention.TAURUS (April 20 to May 20): Keep your keen Bull’s eye focused on your target, and shake off any attempt to turn your attention elsewhere. You… Read more »

Between The Lines

As would seem consistent with how things are most of the time in the Ocean City political world currently, the Ocean City Ethics Commission is divided on whether Councilman Joe Hall should serve on the town’s pension committee.Ocean City Pfc. Michael A. Levy, public safety representative on the town’s pension committee, charged that Joe Hall… Read more »

Cooperation Appreciated

The Delmarva Association of Animal Rescuers (DAAR) would like to thank Mayor Sheehan, Chief DiPino and the rest of the Ocean City Police Commission for meeting with us on Wednesday to discuss the feral cat issue in Ocean City.
There was a lot of useful information and ideas exchanged during the meeting, with each side taking… Read more »

Council Needs To Slow Down And Deliberate

Editor:I am shocked and appalled by the blatant, consistent, wholesale 4-3 votes by the Ocean City Council members.This is not what I cast my vote for in October 2010. I believed the campaign promises of searching for fiscal responsibility in these troubling times. I believed in the campaign promises of representing the interests of the… Read more »

Police Chief Rails Against Pot Legalization

OCEAN CITY – You hear about it in California, but in Ocean City?Legalizing marijuana was briefly discussed during this week’s Police Commission meeting and along with it came a loud and clear message.Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino brought to the commission’s attention the legislation initiative of legalizing medical marijuana in California.“Being active with the… Read more »

OC Wind Turbine Bill Stalls

OCEAN CITY – The option to install small wind turbines has come to a stand still again.Since 2009, the town of Ocean City has been approached on several occasions to pass an ordinance regulating the placement of small wind energy systems to be placed on waterfront properties.On April 20, 2009, the Mayor and Council passed… Read more »