State’s Attorney Bids Farewell

SNOW HILL – Departing Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd paid a surprise visit to the Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday.

Todd, who recently lost his bid for re-election to Beau Ogelsby by a slim margin, took the opportunity to say his farewells to the commissioners he has worked with during his multiple terms as the county’s top prosecutor. He also thanked them for the level of effort they had put into running the county.

“I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating,” stated Todd. “I’ve always been impressed with the quality of government in this county.”

Todd then commented on the growth of the commission over the last decade or so. Todd mentioned that when he took office the commission was not diverse ethnically or in terms of gender, but things were different now.

“The makeup (of the commission) has changed and I think it’s for the better,” Todd said. “I hope one day Washington looks at Worcester County…that they take a page out of your book.”

Todd said he believes the commissioners were “always interested in the greater good” for the county.

Todd also passed along a few departing requests. He asked the commissioners to consider granting county employees a raise as soon as they could in such a weak economy.

Beyond that, Todd encouraged the commissioners to supply as much funding as possible to Diakonia.

“It’s more than just a homeless shelter,” said Todd.

Each commissioner took a moment to thank Todd for his service. Many had known Todd for years and reminisced about the past.

“I’ve known him a long time…good people, good family,” said Commissioner Madison Bunting.

“I guess I remember Joel more for the bagpipe thing,” admitted Commissioner Virgil Shockley, referring to the first time he’d met Todd, playing bagpipes at a funeral.

Shockley joked, “I always thought it took a real man to wear a quilt.”

County Attorney and former commissioner Sonny Bloxom was one of the last to speak. He cited his unique experience with Todd, both as a member of the bar and as a commissioner.

“Joel raised professionalism and expertise to an all-time high [in his office],” Bloxom said.