Lots To Say About Boardwalk Project

Lots To Say About Boardwalk Project

The Boardwalk, and the looming project to overhaul its substructure and surface, has been getting a lot of attention this week.

Overall, the consensus is the city should go with a concrete support underneath the promenade but retain the classic wooden planks atop.

The following is a rundown of some of the comments we received through our website over the last week.

·         Yvonne White wrote: I now go to OC MD every year. I also go to Virginia Beach. I love the Boardwalk in OC much better than the concrete one in VB. So please keep the wood Boardwalk, replace the underside with the concrete where you want it.

·         Marc wrote: As mentioned, any tram lane should not be in the center of the Boardwalk. Also, ideas to replace any of the actual ‘Boardwalk’ with concrete would give Ocean City’s beachfront all the charm of a suburban shopping mall.

·         Paul Bowden wrote: The mayor has it right. The support can be concrete but the decking has to be wood – old time traditional wood planking. Thanks Mayor

·         Mike Morgan wrote: Having lived in OC for 10 years, I watched tradition after tradition disappear. Take away the wooden boardwalk and another tradition goes by the wayside. Sad.

·         Glenn Martin wrote: Any thought to putting “concrete” as the surface anywhere is stupid, remember when the entire Boardwalk was concrete downtown? If the tram needs to ride on concrete to increase surface life, you need option D — put a tram lane on the oceanside of the sea wall at beach level made of concrete. That keeps the aesthetic boardwalk, increases its life by getting the tram off it and allows more room for foot traffic.

·         Thomas Buettner wrote: Concrete needs to be replaced at times, just like the article mentions. I like the traditional “Boardwalk” look and feel. Concrete substructure beams is a good solution for car parades and train.

·         Alan Peck wrote: Any elimination of the charm, odor and tradition of wood would be an emasculation of what makes Ocean City, Ocean City. Making any decision, which fundamentally alters the character of the Boardwalk, in the name of cost or “practicality” would demonstrate that council “knew the price of everything and the value of nothing,” to quote a famous verse.

·         Robin wrote: Whatever you do, it has to be replaced with wood. The smell of the hot wood in summer is part of the charm.

·         Jennifer wrote: It must be replaced with wood; there is something “priceless” in keeping with tradition and maintaining the historic aspect as well.

·         Tim wrote: It’s also cheaper to eliminate the Boardwalk all together. Maybe they think that’s a good idea too.