Shelter Hoping Christmas Wish Rings True For Special Dog

OCEAN CITY – Worcester County Humane Society (WCHS) has sheltered and cared for a dog whose fight for life deserves for her Christmas wish to be answered.

According to Meggin McKnight of the Worcester County Humane Society, Jazz was left on the shelter’s doorstep a few months ago.

Jazz is the mother of the puppy featured in the beginning of October that was adopted by a family from Baltimore via Facebook.

“She was almost starved to death and was skin and bones with the exception of her swollen belly,” McKnight wrote. “A trip to Dr. Manniaty confirmed that she was indeed pregnant with 15 puppies.”

Out of the 15 puppies, only seven survived.
“They were all quickly adopted but Jazz remained,” she said.
Once the puppies were delivered and adopted, Jazz’s struggle remained.

“We were aware that she had some trauma to her hind legs as there were pins holding her ankles together,” McKnight wrote.

While being spayed, the doctor and staff discovered that her ankle was severely shattered and her hip was dislocated. She eventually stopped using that leg due to the pain. It was determined that she would have to loose that leg.

“We feared that she had bone cancer,” McKnight said. “However, Jazz finally caught a break when the biopsy showed no sign of cancer.”

Jazz’s surgery was a success, according to McKnight, who said, “she gets around almost better than before.”

After everything that Jazz has gone through, she continues to be sweet and loving, all at the shelter agree.

“It is nothing short of amazing,” McKnight said.

Jazz remains in foster care during recovery. Although she receives the proper attention, her follow-up visits to the vet and medication costs are astounding.

“We want to reach out to this amazing community of ours in the hopes that someone could possibly help us with her vet bill,” McKnight wrote.

Call the shelter at 410-213-0146 to help Jazz with her care or to check up on her adoption status. Jazz is also featured on the Worcester County Humane Society Facebook page.