Berlin Should Dismiss Sprinkler Mandate


I was unable to attend the recent Berlin Council hearing on mandating sprinkler systems in new homes, but I was heartened to read that the Council members are carefully considering the issue.
We own property in Berlin and both of our kids could some day build homes there. The town has many advantages – the ease of walking or biking for basic errands, great fire and police departments and a pleasant ambiance. 
These things come with a price, however, and Berlin already has the highest fees for building of any jurisdiction in the county. Adding several thousand dollars for a sprinkler system may or may not be worthwhile, but it is our view that it is a decision to be made by the property owner, not the government.
No one has more respect for our firefighters that we do. Many members of our family have served in local fire departments and continue to do so. 
Firefighters have signed up to protect us, but surely we still have the responsibility to protect ourselves. Where is the line between safety and freedom?
Someone said that having sprinklers was like putting the fire department in the home. Sorry, others may want the fire department in their homes, but not us. What’s next, a virtual policeman in our living room? 
When our kids do build, we will encourage them to install smoke detectors. The decision on sprinklers will be theirs alone.
The issue is not just money. I have accepted the nanny state and its intrusion into our lives. I wear my seat belt. But sometimes the pendulum swings too far.
The mood of the country is changing. People want to be treated like adults, able to fend for themselves. I believe what people are saying to government these days is the same thing I would say to the Berlin Council:
We are struggling. Give us a break. And please, for once, just leave us the hell alone.
Spencer Rowe
West Ocean City

Honoring Servants

I’m going to a patriotic event this Sunday that will be attended by approximately 70,000 people. This is just one of many of these events to be held around the country.

There will be U.S flags flying and Honor Guards marching and military planes flying over. The National Anthem will be sung and there will be a great roar of approval afterward. If you haven’t guessed yet, it is a NFL football game, namely a Ravens game.

If you think a NFL game is not a patriotic event, you have never been. I don’t believe I have been to a game that our military hasn’t been mentioned in a positive way. As we celebrate the holidays, keep our brave warriors that do not question their country’s decisions to deploy and the wounded warriors that left part of themselves in a foreign country in defense of their beloved homeland. Then there are those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, enough said.

When you pass Old Glory pause a second and thank God we are so fortunate to live in the best country in the world thanks to our veterans.      

Nelson Kelly
Ocean City

OP Lucky To Have
Honoree Call It Home

In late October 2010, the American Legion Sinepuxent Post #166 in Ocean City recognized Kevin Rosser, who was the 2009 Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department’s Firefighter of the year. It’s a yearly event for Post 166 to recognize local firefighters, paramedics and police for their outstanding commitment to serving the community.

Rosser has spent many nights answering the call to put out fires and assist at emergencies, like traffic accidents and other tragedies, only to go to work the next morning with out much sleep, but rewarded in knowing he has been of service and making a difference. He is one of the many volunteers and public servants who give so much to their community and is most deserving of the recognition.

Ocean Pines is lucky to have Kevin and his fellow volunteers to protect and serve.
David J. Landis, Sr.
Ocean Pines

Thanks For Support

We are writing this letter to express our appreciation to everyone in the community that attended our fall dinner/silent auction/bike sale at Stevenson United Methodist Church in Berlin. In addition, we would like to thank the area businesses that donated items to our silent auction and bake sale that was held at the church’s Chicken/Dumpling/Oyster dinner on Sunday, Nov. 14.

The area businesses are as follows: ABC Printers, Ace in Selbyville, Berlin Adkins Company, Bank of Ocean City, Barbely’s Restaurant, Barb Holloway, Barrett Chevrolet, Beach Club Golf, Berlin Coffee House, Berlin Florist, Bill Duncan Fishing Charters, Bruder Hill, Buccaneer’s Miniature Golf, Carousel Hotel, Carrabba’s, Choptank Electric, Coffee Beanery, Deer Run Golf, Delmarva Power Wash, Dumser’s, Eagle’s Landing Golf, Elizabeth’s Treasures, Emings, Farmers Bank of Willards, Sallie Campion, Frontier Town, Hairworks, Harrison Group Restaurants and Hotels, Ed Horner, Jolly Roger’s, Kendall Home Furnishings, OC Golf and Yacht Club, Old Pro Golf, Palmer’s Appliances, Panera Bread, Phillips Seafood Restaurants and Beach Plaza Hotel, PNC Bank, Pat Oltman Premier Jewelry, Rayne’s Reef, Vicky Nock Scentsy Products, Smith Island Cake Company, Berlin Farm Supply, Sunset Grille, Taylor Bank, The Grand Hotel, Thirtyone Rep, Cindy Jones, Treasure Chest, Delmar Veterinary Service, Victorian Charm, Wainwright’s Tire Center and Waterman’s Restaurants.

We thank all the businesses listed above and for everyone in the community who attended our fall dinner. The proceeds from this event will be used for various projects and missions in our community. Much appreciation to all.

Kathy Davis, Nanci Savage, Dee Whittington and Dinner Committee

Four Should Be Ignored

For some time now I have been reading the opinions of the “four to ignore” and I’m, frankly, tired of their hackneyed view on what we commoners want their government to do. I refer to the multi-billionaires, Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Teddie Turner, and Tom Steyer.

Becoming a billionaire is somewhat easier than it was when I was still working on my first million dollars, but still, not many make it. You would think that if you worked hard and smart (which is only part of the plan to make a billion dollars), you’d realize you have nothing in common with 99% of the world population.  

My point? Specifically? While they scream that we commoners want higher taxes and bigger government, they know nothing about how we really feel about anything at all. As I recall, anyone with a half ounce of brain matter knows, that we can send checks to the IRS anytime we want. These checks can be sent to pay our taxes, and/or if we are really patriotic (V.P. Biden), we can send in extra check(s) to the IRS over and above what we owe, to help pay for other people’s needs.

Anyone calling for higher taxes need only write a check (a million or two would be just fine) and send it on in to the IRS. Sending these extra checks would help sooth their conscience and deliver more tax dollars to the needy IRS. I find no problem with that and why should “they”, since they are not only suggesting more taxes, but they can also afford it.

One more point: if these dozens of billionaires would pay their fair taxes, maybe the needy IRS wouldn’t have to hound us for ours. These wealthy (beyond our dreams) have more loop holes, and protected money, that they pay their fair taxes only as legally as they are required by law. Bet they don’t pay 25 – 30% of their yearly income tax.

I do not intend this to be a negative reflection on billionaires; only those who do not pay their fair taxes, but want us to pay even more because they have decided we want to pay more. Where do these people come from? Why do they think they know what we prefer in any situation?

These “four to ignore” are, I am sure, just as patriotic as the next person, but please ignore their opinions on what we want or prefer. Anytime Warren wants to find out what and how I feel, I am available at his convenience for lunch. And, just to set the record straight, I am still working on my first million dollars.

Frank Vetare