OCDC Scores $225K In Community Legacy Grants

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) recently received the largest award on the Eastern Shore from the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD).

According to Glenn Irwin, executive director of OCDC, the corporation has received funds for three of its application through DHCD’s 2011 Community Legacy Program. The three applications include the Façade Program, which had $50,000 approved; the Green Building Initiatives Program, $50,000 approved; and Land Acquisition, which had $125,000 approved.

DHCD Secretary Raymond A. Skinner announced that $4.25 million in Community Legacy program awards would be presented to three dozen municipalities and community groups around the state for revitalization projects.  Community Legacy provides flexible funding to local governments and community development organizations for essential revitalization projects in existing communities through activities that expand neighborhood business and job development, homeownership investment, commercial revitalization, and other activities that support Governor O’Malley’s Smart Green & Growing initiative. Award winning projects highlight strategic reinvestment in Maryland’s historic Main Streets, in transit-oriented community development, and in those areas that will benefit from BRAC-related growth.

According to Irwin, of the $4.25 million awarded statewide, OCDC’s awards were the largest on the Eastern Shore and almost the largest in the state, higher than 35 other recipient municipalities and community organizations.

“We are very appreciative of the State of Maryland in recognizing our downtown revitalization efforts by approving these three applications,” Irwin said. “The Community Legacy Program is an important component in funding our revitalization projects and programs in Ocean City.”