Free Cab Rides Offered on Election Days

OCEAN CITY- After a dreadful turnout in Ocean City for the September primary election, it was brought to light many potential voters turned around and left after they couldn’t find parking at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center due to another large event at the facility at the same time.

Following the primary election, several resort residents pointed out they became frustrated with the parking situation at the Convention Center, the town’s only polling site, and decided to forego their civic responsibility. However, town officials have taken steps to ensure a similar scenario doesn’t play out during the municipal election on October 19 or the General Election in November.

Ocean City has solicited the assistance of five local cab companies on the upcoming election days to provide curb-to-curb service free of charge for would-be voters concerned about parking or possible weather issues. The five companies- Casino Express Taxi, City Cab, Aaron Taxi, Info Taxi and Party Cab- are offering free rides to voters on the upcoming election days in an effort to ensure a solid turnout. The five companies are being organized and can be reached under a single telephone number dedicated only to providing rides to the polling site. The number is (443) 856-8400.