Between The Lines

A lot of practical concerns remain at this early stage, but it’s exciting to think of the concept of a wind farm off Ocean City. Sure, there are naysayers who worry over the visual blight 200 wind turbines may cause on the horizon, but that’s short sighted. At this early point in the process, the… Read more »

Handling Ongoing Controversy Delicately

The County Commissioners raised some eyebrows last week with the way they handled the presentation by the Liquor Control Board for Worcester County. Although it’s known there was some sort of “play nice” request by county leadership, the commissioners in general let LCB officials off easy with little questioning. While the LCB has been able… Read more »

State�s Attorney Rematch Heats Up

BERLIN – Three local fraternal law enforcement organizations have announced their support for the challenger in this year’s rematch for the top prosecutor job in Worcester, touching off a war of words this week between the candidates. Last Sunday, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 50 (Worcester) announced it will be officially backing State’s Attorney… Read more »

LCB Says Director Was Not Terminated

Bryan Russo Special to the Dispatch OCEAN CITY — Although rumors have been swirling about the Worcester County Liquor Control Board (LCB) for months, the one that made its way through Ocean City yesterday has board members calling “foul.” Early Thursday morning, word started to spread throughout the region that LCB Executive Director Brian Sturgeon… Read more »

Boardwalk Guidelines Tweaked

OCEAN CITY – The City Council approved on Tuesday amendments to existing display and signage ordinance on the Boardwalk. At this week’s Mayor and City Council work session, approval to extend review of display and signage for the entire Boardwalk, as well as, amend the existing ordinance on regulations for display and signage by merchants… Read more »