Undercover Probe Results In Cocaine Dealing Charges

Salisbury residents were arrested on cocaine distribution charges last week
after allegedly selling the illegal narcotic to an undercover OCPD detective on
several different occasions over the last month or so.

During the month of
July, an undercover OCPD narcotics detective initiated an investigation into a
suspected dealer known as Dujuan Terrell Williams, 33, of Salisbury. On July 8,
the detective contacted Williams via cell phone to inquire about purchasing
cocaine. During the conversation, Williams allegedly agreed to sell the officer
a quarter ounce of powder cocaine for $275. Williams agreed to meet the
detective in the parking lot of a downtown pharmacy to complete the transaction
but had to wait for his girlfriend to get off from work.

Around 5:45 p.m.,
Williams allegedly called the officer to tell him he was leaving Salisbury and
would call as he got closer to Ocean City. About a half an hour later, Williams
called the officer again and told him he was crossing the Route 50 Bridge and
would be at the appointed transaction location shortly. About 15 minutes later,
a GMC Denali pulled into the pharmacy parking lot and the detective recognized
Williams, who was in the passenger seat.

Driving the vehicle was
a woman later identified as Cheryl Nicole Handy, 34, of Salisbury. There was
also a small child sitting on the rear passenger’s side seat. The transaction
was completed and the undercover detective allegedly told Williams he had
several people waiting to buy cocaine from him, to which Williams allegedly
said if he needed more to call him later.

During the week of July
11, the detective met with a DEA special agent and a Wicomico County Narcotics
Task Force detective in reference to the ongoing joint investigation on
Williams. On July 15, the OCPD detective again contacted Williams and set up a
nearly identical transaction with the same amount of cocaine for the same price
at the same location. The deal was completed and the alleged dealers and the
detectives parted ways again.

Last Wednesday, the
detective set up another transaction with Williams, but this time upped the
ante to purchase an ounce of cocaine for $1,100. The transaction was set up for
the following day, Aug. 12. Williams told the detective he had a District Court
appearance, but would meet him afterwards to complete the deal. Williams later
called back and told the detective his court appearance wasn’t until 1 p.m., so
he could complete the deal prior to his court date.

However, at the
appointed time of the transaction, a heavy storm rolled through the area and
the transaction was delayed. Finally, around 3:15 p.m., the GMC Denali rolled
into the pharmacy parking lot with Williams in the passenger seat and Handy
driving. The detective allegedly handed Williams the $1,100 for the purchase of
an ounce of cocaine, but while Williams was counting the money, members of the
OCPD Quick Response Team (QRT), the equivalent of a SWAT team, arrived on the scene
and took Williams and Handy into custody without incident.

Williams was charged
with three counts of possession of cocaine and distribution of cocaine, while
Handy was charged with three counts each of possession of cocaine and
conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Williams remained behind bars in the
Worcester County Jail on a $250,000 bond, while Handy was released after
posting a $75,000 bond.