Area Couple Realized Dream When Purchasing Sports Bar

T.K. Dickerson

Staff Writer

and Beverly Flynn had been coming down to Ocean City for many years to enjoy
the area and check up on her father. One day, they couldn’t find him and were
informed that he had gone down to 707 Sports Bar and Grille.

“As soon as we walked
in, we said ‘this is our place’,” said Carey Flynn.

Though both Carey and
Beverly had been in retirement, the opportunity to buy 707 was nearly a dream
come true. Contingent upon making it a reality was ensuring current employees
would stay on board after the couple took over the operation.

 “We wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t been
able to keep the staff,” says Carey.

The large and spacious
bar has served many other functions in the past, including a furniture store, a
dance hall, a general store and another bar called the Villanova. The bar seems
to have found its true identity in 707, just as Carey and Beverly have realized
their dream.

Though Carey had run two
restaurants in Prince George’s County, running a sports bar has always been his
true dream.

“This is what I have
wanted to do all my life,” says Carey, who added he looks forward to getting to
the bar everyday for work.

Every sports bar tends
to affiliate itself with a certain team, and the 707 was a Pittsburgh Steelers
bar before the Flynns ever owned it. 
Though Carey, a Prince George County native, is a Redskins fan, he still
thinks, “the best thing about this place is the people that come in”.

“This is very much a
locals’ place,” says Carey. “They continue to support the bar everyday.”

The Flynns have made
sure, since they bought the bar in April, that the customers have plenty of
reasons to keep coming in.

The bar is open year
round from 11 a.m.-2 a.m., seven days a week. Though the bar primarily cheers
on the Steelers (with maybe a couple exceptions of Redskins fans), Carey
ensures that the bar will be a place for all fans once the season starts.

The many televisions in
the spacious bar will be in high definition this winter, and Carey wants to
make sure that everyone will be able to watch their game.

In addition to making
707 a fun place for everyone to watch the big game, the Flynns are making it a
place for everyone to enjoy and hang out.

The bar offers World
Tavern Poker on Mondays and Wednesdays, in addition to Keno and a nightly happy
hour from 4-7.

From Sunday to Thursday,
707 offers an event called “In the Biz”, which offers happy hour drink prices
to all those who are in the restaurant business.

The bar also offers
nightly specials with food, including Tuesday Taco Night, and half-price burger
night on Thursdays. The food quality is a key aspect that Carey hopes to
emphasize as 707 progresses.

The bar offers a good

selection of seafood, such as crab cakes, soft shells, scallops and clams.  Burgers, pastas and prime rib are also on

the menu and getting rave reviews, according to the new owners.         

Carey and Beverly Flynn
have watched a dream of theirs unfold with the purchase of 707 Sports Bar and
Grille, and although it’s only been a few months since they took over the
operation, they seemed thrilled with how things have developed.

something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” says Carey. “It’s something I can
cross off my list.”