Ocean City Impact Fees Reduced

OCEAN CITY — When it came to impact fees, the Ocean City Council passed on an opportunity to cut them entirely, but chose to chop them in half for the foreseeable future.City Engineer Terry McGean was tasked to come before the Mayor and City Council on Tuesday at City Hall to explain what some officials… Read more »

City Police Record 112 Drug Arrests In A Week

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City police had a busy week with illegal narcotics investigations, recording well over 100 drug arrests, ranging from simple possession to larger scale distribution, marking a sign of the season in the summer resort.With thousands of recent graduates in the resort, along with countless other visitors, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD)… Read more »

Friday, June 18–Disney, OC Announce Shows

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City has spent millions marketing itself as a go-to family destination for years, and this week, it announced a new partnership with the biggest name in family related destinations and products: Disney.Tourism Director Debbie Turk told the Mayor and Council this week that she had pursued a partnership deal with Radio… Read more »

Friday, June 18–County Takes Over South Welcome Center

SNOW HILL – The Pocomoke Welcome Center at the Maryland-Virginia line will remain open under Worcester auspices, the County Commissioners officially decided this week.The commissioners voted 5-1, with Commissioner Judy Boggs dissenting and Commissioner Bobby Cowger absent, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) governing the county takeover of the state of Maryland Pocomoke Welcome… Read more »

Friday, June 18–Berlin Council Rejects Revolving Business Loans

BERLIN – Businesses in Berlin will have to carry on without town government business improvement loans after three of five council members rejected the proposal.Economic Development Director Michael Day proposed the revolving loan fund to the town council recently as a means of supporting existing businesses with operational costs, such as new equipment or building… Read more »

Health Insurance For Elected Folks Needs A Review

Health Insurance For Elected Folks Needs A Review

 Being an elected official is a thankless job, but rest assured there are plenty of perks to go along with it.In Ocean City, along with respectable and understandable salaries, these officials also receive wonderful health insurance coverage, and they only pay 10 percent of the cost.What’s galling is historically nearly every elected official, and oftentimes… Read more »