Canal Dredging Plan Outlined

OCEAN CITY – The federal Army Corps of Engineers is moving forward with a plan to dredge several canals in Ocean City, but with no funding source for the project, it remains uncertain when work will begin.Residents along the canals included in phase I of the resort’s long awaited maintenance dredging plan last week received… Read more »

6 Of 36 County Employees Accept Early Retirement

BERLIN – Six local government and county utility employees will take advantage of Worcester County’s early retirement incentive this summer, freeing up county funding in another tight budget year.          The county will lose one employee from the Solid Waste Department, one from the Roads Department, one from Water and Wastewater, one from Development Review and… Read more »

State Looking Into LCB Deals With Businesses

OCEAN CITY — The Liquor Control Board for Worcester County (LCB) is allegedly under investigation by the State Comptroller’s Office for possible collusion and potential violations of the Sherman Act.It was revealed this week that three local liquor licensees were charged three different prices on the exact same day for the exact same product by… Read more »

PCP Found In Purse Sickens Resort Police Staff

OCEAN CITY – A veteran Ocean City police officer and three public safety assistants were taken to the hospital with various symptoms last week after becoming sickened by a strong narcotic stashed in a detained prisoner’s purse.Around 10:45 p.m. last Tuesday, a female prisoner detained in the Public Safety Building’s holding cells after an earlier… Read more »

Humpback Whale Creates A Stir In Ocean City

Humpback Whale Creates A Stir In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City Beach Patrol Sergeant Colby Kauffman says that Ocean City is starting to look a little bit like Sea World.The fourth whale in as many months was spotted swimming leisurely down the Ocean City coast in essential waist to chest deep water last Friday, giving thousands of beachgoers a once-in-a-lifetime experience… Read more »

Friday, June 25th–Husband, Wife Team Up For Show At The Carousel

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