Stolen Truck, Guns and Weed

Truck, Guns and Weed

CITY – A Berlin man was arrested on auto theft, weapons and drug charges last
week after an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer spotted the stolen
truck in the area of 16th Street.

11:40 p.m. last Thursday, an OCPD officer on stationary patrol near 16th
Street observed a Dodge pick-up truck, which resort police were alerted to be
on the look out for earlier in the evening. The earlier alert warned officers
the truck had been reported stolen and the occupant, identified as David Martin
Yakackil, 18, of Berlin, was armed with a .38 caliber handgun and a 12-gauge

officer waited for backup and initiated a traffic stop on the truck, which
pulled into the CVS pharmacy parking lot on 17th Street. Because the
suspect was potentially armed, the officers initiated a high-risk stop with one
officer drawing his handgun and the other officer pointing his OCPD-issued MP5
rifle at Yakackil.

and his female passenger were removed from the truck without incident and

police talked to Yakackil’s father, they learned the handgun was in a blue bag
in the back of the truck. A search of the vehicle revealed a .38 caliber
handgun with a fully loaded magazine in a holster under the driver’s seat, although
rounds were chambered. Police also found three other magazines totaling 21
rounds of ammunition. In addition, the officers located a 12-gauge shotgun and
81 rounds of shotgun ammo behind the driver’s seat.

further search of the vehicle including Yakackil’s backpack revealed a quantity
of marijuana, a grinder and rolling papers. Yakackil was arrested and charged
with stealing the truck, wearing or carrying a handgun in a vehicle on public
roads and various drug charges.


CITY – A Pennsylvania man was arrested on burglary charges this week after
allegedly kicking in the door of the neighboring apartment and swiping
expensive shoes, cash and identification cards.

12:30 a.m. last Sunday, OCPD officers on bike patrol in the downtown area were
dispatched to the Admiral Motel on 8th Street to assist with an
eviction. When the officer arrived, he met with the resident of another unit
who told police the man getting evicted, identified as Adam C. Ferguson, 21, of
Downington, Pa., had earlier broken into his room and stolen some of his

victim said he and his roommate had gone shopping in West Ocean City earlier in
the day. The victim said when they returned, they discovered the door to their
apartment, which had been secured with a deadbolt, had been forced open. The
victim told police two pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes, $690 in cash, three
credit cards and his Pennsylvania identification cards were missing. The
victim’s roommate was also missing his identification cards.

victim showed the officer a screen looking over the parking lot that had been
torn with the lock broken. The victim told police another resident in the
building had witnessed Ferguson leaving the victim’s room with bags and shoes.
As it turned out, the victim, his roommate, the witness and Ferguson were all
friends from Pennsylvania. In addition, the victim’s two female roommates went
over to Ferguson’s apartment to attempt to retrieve the stolen goods. They
returned with the stolen shoes with the exception of the credit cards, which
the victim had deactivated.

interviewing the victim, his roommates and the witness, the officer went to
Ferguson’s room and found him sitting in a chair. Ferguson was handcuffed and
detained, and when the officer asked him if he would like to speak to him, he
allegedly responded he had been through this before and would speak to the
officer. When the officer told Ferguson he was being charged with burglary, he
allegedly said, “yeah, what kind of time am I looking at?”

Ferguson was asked to tell his version of what had happened, he explained he
and the victim had been in a fight with the victim months earlier and that the
victim had broken his jaw. Ferguson told police the victim felt bad about
breaking his jaw and promised to compensate Ferguson with money. When Ferguson
asked the victim for the money while in Ocean City, the victim refused, which
is why Ferguson decided to break in and steal the shoes and the money to settle
the old score.

Chance’ Pot Arrest

CITY – A Gaithersburg, Md. man was arrested on drug and resisting arrest
charges last week, potentially spoiling his self-proclaimed “last chance.”

2 a.m. last Tuesday, OCPD officers on bike patrol in the area of 10th
Street and Wilmington Ave. observed an unidentified man sitting behind a fence
in the alley. When the suspect saw the officers approaching, he allegedly got
up and started walking north in the alley. The officers looked behind the
fence, observed evidence of illegal drug use, ordered the suspect to stop and
told him he was under arrest.

suspect, later identified as Karim Jones, 18, allegedly wrestled with the
officers attempting to take him into custody, pulling his arms away on several
occasions to avoid being handcuffed. The officers eventually cuffed Jones, but
not before resorting to take-down measures as the suspect failed to comply with

One of
the OCPD officers went back to the area where Jones was sitting and discovered
a bag of marijuana on the ground. Jones was then arrested and charged with
possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. When the officers attempted to
identify Jones, the suspect first provided a different name and date of birth,
which did not show up during an identification search.

officer then attempted to contact Jones’ guardian, but the information he
provided proved to be false. When the officer told Jones he would not be
released until he provide accurate identification information, he relented and
told police who he really was. By this time, according to police reports, Jones
was sobbing and told the officers, “This is my last chance, I can’t get in
trouble again.”

Dealers Busted

CITY – A pair of Ocean City men were arrested on multiple drug-related charges
last week after resort police executed a search and seizure warrant at the
Bayshore Drive residence.

the month of May, Ocean City Police narcotics officers initiated an
investigation into alleged dealing activities at a residence on Bayshore Drive.
Last Friday, OCPD narcotics executed a search and seizure warrant on the
targeted residence, which led to the arrest of two residents of the unit on
various drug possession and distribution charges.

3:15 p.m. last Friday, OCPD officers, armed with the search warrant, entered
the residence and found one suspect, later identified as Eric James Bolt, 39,
in a bedroom he claimed was his. According to police reports, a small, silver
pipe containing burnt crack cocaine residue was sitting on top of the bed in
plain view. Bolt was then arrested for possession of crack cocaine and

officers went to another bedroom belonging to Matthew F. Schmuff, 35, and asked
the suspect if he had any hypodermic syringes in the room or on his person.
According to police reports, Schmuff told the officers there were syringes in
and behind the nightstand, which were soon located. According to police
reports, Schmuff told the officers the syringes contained crushed oxycodone.

officers continued to search the residence and turned up more evidence of
illegal narcotics and their distribution. For example, in Bolt’s room, the
officers found metal spoons, hypodermic syringes and a white and green plastic
container that allegedly contained methadone and suboxone. In the nightstand,
the officers found metal spoons containing a white powder and a piece of paper
that included names and dollar amounts consistent with a CDS “owe sheet,”
according to police reports.

Schmuff’s bedroom, the officers found other evidence including various
controlled dangerous substances, paraphernalia including pipes, spoons and
syringes. Both Bolt and Schmuff were charged with possession of narcotics and
paraphernalia along with possession with intent to distribute.

Murder Suspect Nabbed

– A Berlin man sought by police on attempted murder charges after a shooting
incident outside an American Legion in town in March has been arrested after
getting pulled over for speeding on a scooter in Wicomico County.

March 26, suspect Gary Lee Dupont, Jr. 20, of Berlin, allegedly fired two shots
from a handgun at an unknown victim outside the American Legion on Showell
Street in Berlin. On April 2, Berlin Police officers, assisted by the Worcester
County Sheriff’s Office, executed a search and seizure warrant on a residence
at the Homes of Berlin I apartments. The search focused on a firearm used in an
incident outside the American Legion back on March 26, but Dupont was not
located at the time.

for Dupont’s arrest were filed, charging him with attempted second-degree
murder, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and the use of
a handgun in the commission of a felony, but he remained at large and was
considered armed and dangerous by police until he was arrested last week in
Wicomico after a brief chase near Powellville.

this month, a Wicomico County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull over a scooter
for speeding on Mt. Hermon Rd. near Powellville. When the scooter slowed down,
the driver, later identified as Dupont, jumped off the moving vehicle and fled
on foot. The Wicomico Sheriff’s Deputy, not certain why the scooter driver
would flee a speeding stop, pursued Dupont on foot and apprehended him after a
brief chase of about 150 yards.

Dupont provided the deputy with false information about his identity. However,
upon further questioning, the deputy was able to ascertain the suspect was
Dupont. A search of Dupont’s real name and record revealed he was wanted in
Worcester County on an outstanding warrant for attempted murder and other
serious charges.

was arrested and charged in Wicomico County with resisting arrest and providing
false information to law enforcement. Dupont was later extradited to Worcester
County on the warrants charging him with attempted second-degree murder,
first-and second-degree assault, weapons charges and reckless endangerment. At
a bail review, Dupont was ordered held without bond and remained behind bars
this week. A preliminary hearing has been set for June 29 at District Court in
Snow Hill.

Brotherly Love

CITY – A Philadelphia man was arrested on resisting arrest and public
consumption charges last week after resort police observed him in a shouting
match with a group of people on a downtown street.

12:45 a.m. last Friday, OCPD officers on bike patrol around Wilmington Lane in
the area of 11th Street observed a group of three men walking away
from a group of about eight with expletives shouted between the two groups. The
OCPD officers approached one of the men, identified as Justin Englehardt, 21,
of Philadelphia, who appeared to be provoking a fight with the other group.

who appeared to be intoxicated according to police reports, was drinking from a
red plastic cup. When the officers asked Englehardt what was in the cup, he
first told them it was just cranberry juice. When they questioned him further,
he allegedly said, “Vodka, I’m 21 and you can’t do anything about it.”

At that
point, the officers attempted to place Englehardt under arrest for public
consumption, but the suspect resisted and attempted to wiggle out of the
handcuffs claiming he had a bad shoulder. According to police reports, the
officers resorted to knee strikes and arm take-down moves to get Englehardt to
comply. Even after Englehardt was cuffed and seated, he stood up and attempted
to flee the scene. After a struggle, Englehardt was charged with public
consumption and resisting arrest.

Police Probe

CITY – An Ocean City man last week was arrested for hindering a police
investigation after allegedly barring the door of his residence while other
individuals cleaned up evidence of illegal drugs.

3:45 a.m. last Sunday, an OCPD officer had just cleared a disorderly conduct
call at a residence on Wilmington Ave. near 5th Street when he
detected a strong odor of suspected marijuana coming from another area of the
building. The officer approached the front door of the suspected unit and
observed four individuals hanging out in the living room.

As the
officer looked through the front door window, he observed suspected marijuana
and a cigar with its contents cut out in plain view on a table. The officer
knocked on the door and was greeted by an individual later identified as John
Brand Kemberling, 20, of Ocean City. According to police reports, Kemberling
stepped outside and closed the door, then stood in front of the door so the
officer could not see what was going on inside.

officer told the 6’5”, 205-pound Kemberling to move away from the door so he
could see inside, but he refused to budge. The officer then grabbed Kemberling
and moved him away from the door. While Kemberling was out of the way, the
officer could see the other individuals standing around the marijuana on the

Kemberling allegedly nudged his way back in front of the door. Again, the
officer physically moved Kemberling away from the door, and this time saw the
individuals inside cleaning something up, although his view was blocked because
they had their backs toward the door.

Kemberling nudged his way back in front of the door and again, the officer
moved the suspect out of the way. When the officer moved Kemberling out of the
way the third time, all evidence of marijuana, the cigar and the cigar’s
contents were gone and the front door to the residence was locked.

officer told Kemberling to get out of the way and that everyone in the
residence had to come out so he could conduct his investigation. When
Kemberling didn’t comply yet again, the officer and an assisting officer
grabbed him and forced him to the ground, placing him under arrest for
hindering a police investigation.

Gun Recovered

CITY – Two Pennsylvania men were arrested on drug and various weapons charges
last week after a handgun and marijuana were found in their vehicle.

10:45 p.m. last Thursday, OCPD officers on bike patrol in the downtown area
observed two males sitting in a vehicle on the side of Edgewater Ave., one of
whom appeared to be passed out. When the officers approached the vehicle, they
observed the passenger, identified as Kyle Joseph Walls, 20, of Glen Mills,
Pa., attempting to hide something under the front seat.

and the driver, identified as Nathan Daniel Bryant, 19, of Coatesville, Pa.,
were asked to step out of the vehicle and were interviewed by separate OCPD
officers. Walls told the officer there was marijuana in the vehicle, and when
Bryant was questioned about the suspected pot, he told police it was in a
backpack in the trunk.

marijuana was located in the trunk as described, but when the officers asked
Bryant if there was anything else in the vehicle the police needed to know
about, Bryant allegedly told them his father’s handgun was under the front

search of the vehicle revealed a Beretta semi-automatic handgun with a full
magazine of eight rounds in a holster under the front seat. Bryant was arrested
on weapons and marijuana possession charges, while Walls was arrested on
marijuana possession charges.

West OC
Ruckus Nets Two Arrests

OCEAN CITY – A West Ocean City man was arrested on assault charges last week
after hitting a woman in the face, and the victim was arrested a short time
later for disorderly conduct after raising a ruckus causing a crowd to form.

Saturday, Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to cottages on
Route 707 in West Ocean City for a reported disorderly subject. Upon arrival,
deputies observed a man later identified as Todd Caldwell Thomas, 43, of
Berlin, striking a female in the facial area with his fists.

was taken into custody after a brief struggle and was charged with
second-degree assault. Meanwhile, the victim of the attack, Cheryl Courtney
Magee, 36, of West Ocean City, became loud and began to curse the deputies on
the scene, causing a crowd to form. Magee was then arrested and charged with
disorderly conduct.