Magee Farms Offers ‘You Pick-We Pick’ Option

Kylie Joson

Staff Writer

need a break from the beach scene or simply just want some fresh strawberries,
look no further, Magee Farms has the perfect summer pickings.

Strawberry season is
coming to an end so do not miss your chance to go to Magee Farms, which is
located just north Ocean City and west of Fenwick Island on Route 54
(Lighthouse Rd). Just five miles down the road, you will see Magee Farms on
your right and you better be ready for a treat.

Magee Farms has been
owned and operated by the Magee family since 1865. Ellen Magee, her husband,
and three sons all run the farm today. The six-acre farm offers the most
popular fruit, strawberries with a “you pick-we pick” option.

If you decide to pick
your own strawberries, this is an activity that is great for all ages. Ellen
Magee commented that children still in strollers participate in the strawberry
picking and everyone enjoys it.

“It’s easy picking
because the berries are grown on plastic and the berries are easy to find,”
says Magee.

Going out and picking
your own strawberries can take as little as 15-20 minutes or it can last until
your thumbs and nose get red. At the farm, they have containers that hold up to
10 pounds of strawberries but you can pick as many as your heart desires. Many
people pick large quantities of strawberries to freeze and store away or make
homemade strawberry jam. The “you pick” strawberries are $2.49 per pound, but
you can also opt for the “we pick” strawberries at $4.25 per quart.

Not only can strawberry
picking be an enjoyable venture for you, your family and friends, freshly
picked strawberries are much healthier than store-bought. Consumer Reports say,
“Store bought strawberries have so many pesticide and fungicide residues on
them that they do not recommend you eat them.”

When you go to the
grocery store and buy a container of strawberries, they are most likely from
California or Florida. When you bite into a store bought strawberry, it is
usually white or light pink in the center. This is because they were picked
early and not ripe. They were gassed before getting to your local store and
have tons of chemicals on them because they are made to have a long shelf life.
A freshly picked strawberry is red all the way threw and is much better for you
and taste a whole lot better.

But going to get your
fresh strawberries at Magee Farms gets even better. Did you know strawberries
have only 50 calories per serving and are full of vitamin C, potassium and
fiber? They are also sodium free and have no cholesterol. So not only are you
in for a delicious snack and a fun day trip, strawberries are nutritious as

Strawberries are not the
only produce Magee Farms have to offer. It participates in the Fenwick Island farmers
market that will run every Monday and Friday starting June 28 through Sept. 3.
The farm supplies sweet corn, tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers,
watermelons, cantaloupe; just a little bit of everything.

Strawberry season is
coming to an end but don’t worry there are plenty of berries still on the vines
so make sure to get out the Magee Farms to get your fresh pick.

You can contact Magee

Farms with any further inquiries by phone at 302-436-5589 or email

The hours of operations are seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.