Friday, May 28–Burglary Suspect Caught In Del.

– A Pocomoke man wanted in connection to a string of burglaries throughout the
county over a two-day period in March and April is in custody in Delaware this
week after attempting another burglary and having his car tires shot by a
concerned neighbor as he tried to escape.

Donaway, 32, was charged last week with multiple residential burglaries over
two days in Worcester County including break-ins in Berlin, Snow Hill and
Whaleyville, after a month-long investigation by the Worcester County Bureau of
Investigation (WCBI) connected him to an attempted burglary at a residence in
Millsboro. Donoway allegedly broke into several residences in Berlin, Snow Hill
and Whaleyville among other locations during a two-day spree.

turned himself in to Delaware State Police (DSP) in late April after a bizarre
incident during which a concerned neighbor shot out the tires of his car as he
attempted to flee a failed break-in in Millsboro. According to a police
release, the incident began around 11:30 a.m. on April 27 when a concerned
citizen in Millsboro observed activity in the house next door. The neighbor
called the homeowner to ask if anyone was supposed to be home, and when the
neighbor replied nobody was supposed to be in the house, the concerned citizen
retrieved a gun and went next door.

to the DSP report, the neighbor confronted the suspect, later identified as
Donaway, and told him to get out of the house. Donoway then got into his vehicle
and attempted to drive away when the gun-toting neighbor fired a round into the
vehicle’s front left tire. Donaway fled the scene and drove to Maryland.
Authorities in Delaware were able to make contact with Donaway and he later
turned himself in.

was charged in Delaware with second-degree burglary and possession of burglary
tools and is being held on a $10,500 bond. Investigators in Worcester were then
able to connect Donaway to the series of similar break-ins in the county in
March and April. According to a WCBI release, Donaway is wanted in connection
with residential burglaries on Shire Drive, Woodlawn Drive and Marina Drive in
Berlin, as well as St. Luke’s Rd. in Snow Hill and two residences on Blueberry
Rd. and Shavox Church Rd. in Whaleyville along with another break-in in Eden,

In each
case, the method of gaining entry into the residences was by force, typically
by prying open a door or window. Donaway has not been formally charged in
Worcester pending extradition from Delaware.