Local Man Gets 55 Years For Heinous Offenses

SNOW HILL – A Snow Hill
man convicted in March on rape and child sex abuse charges after interviews
with victims, his daughter and niece, last August revealed a long pattern of
sexual abuse against them, was sentenced this week in Worcester County Circuit
Court to a combined 55 years in prison for his offenses.

Andrew Dominick Warrick,
41, of Snow Hill, appeared in Circuit Court on Wednesday for a sentencing
hearing after he was convicted in March on several counts related to a
continued pattern of rape and sexual abuse on his young daughter and niece
dating back to 2007. Warrick was sentenced to 25 years for one count of sex
abuse of a minor and 30 years for sex abuse of a minor-continuing course of
action. He was ordered to serve the sentences consecutively, netting him a
combine 55 years in prison.

Warrick’s pattern of
abuse began to come to light last August when his 14-year-old niece disclosed
her uncle had sexual contact with her when she and her family were living with
the suspect during late summer and early fall 2007. The niece, who was 12 at
the time of the offenses, told counselors at the Worcester County Child
Advocacy Center that her family had lived with and interacted with Warrick, her
uncle, and his family first in Florida earlier that year.

When the victim’s family
moved to Snow Hill in July 2007, they moved in with Warrick and his family. The
victim told investigators she slept on the couch in the living room, and when
Warrick would come home from work, he would sit first in a chair before
climbing on the couch behind her. The victim told investigators Warrick would
touch her private area inappropriately. This pattern of abuse continued until
October 2007, according to police reports.

Later, it came to light
Warrick’s behavior was not limited to his niece. Warrick’s daughter told
counselors with the Worcester Child Advocacy Center she was often sexually
abused by her father during a period around October 2008. According to police
reports, Warrick would often touch his daughter inappropriately and on at least
one occasion forced her to have sexual intercourse with him.

Based on the testimony,
Warrick was charged with 12 total counts from rape to various degrees of child
sex abuse to assault and sodomy. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to a combined
55 years in prison on two separate charges and the other counts were merged
with the first two for the purposes of sentencing.