Friday, April 30–Board Approves New Liquor Licenses

SNOW HILL – A historic West Ocean City motel and resort was awarded a new liquor license for its latest endeavor, and a handful of other pieces of business were dispensed with last week at the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners’ April meeting.

Francis Scott Key Family Resort owners Jim and Annemarie Dickerson were successful in acquiring a Class B, seven-day beer and wine license for the newest addition to the complex along Route 50 in West Ocean City. Route 50 Signature Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Fun, a 1950s-themed diner, will occupy a space in the resort’s main lodge, which has hosted several other restaurants over the years.

The county’s Board of License Commissioners approved the application for the Class B beer and wine license after satisfying a few questions about the plans for the facility. The new 90-seat, family oriented diner will be offered as an amenity to motel guests and also be open to the public. The hours defined by the approved liquor license will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the license will also apply to the indoor and outdoor pool areas within the resort with certain limitations.

The approval of the liquor license for the new diner at the Francis Scott Key Family Resort was just one order of business on the docket for the Board of License Commissioners last week. The following are some of the highlights from the April meeting:

— The 707 Sports Bar and Grille recently changed ownership and the board approved a liquor license transfer to the new proprietors, Cory and Beverly Lynn. The Lynns purchased the 707 Sports Bar and Grille and have been operating the establishment under the existing liquor license, making the transfer a mere formality for the most part.

The Lynns explained to the board they did not plan any substantial changes to the daily operation of the restaurant and bar, known for several decades as the old Villanova. The existing license included several restrictions in terms of hours of operation, the size, scope and days allowed for live entertainment and the number of games allowed, for example, and those limitations were retained with the transfer of the license.

The old liquor license covered the parking lot areas of the establishment but the license approved last week includes only the physical premises. The new owners explained the make-up of the property had been changed to a condominium, and the restaurant is now officially just one condo unit of many on the property and the parking lot is considered a common area.

— The board also approved a liquor license transfer for new establishments in the 45th Street Village mostly recently run as Craven’s Deli. The new restaurant, called Hubba’s, will be a family-operated eat-in and carryout restaurant including a bayside beach area behind the facility with about 50 seats. The board approved the transfer after satisfying concerns about the new owners’ direct involvement in the daily operation.

— The board also approved a liquor license for a new business taking over the long-vacant Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on 136th Street. The new operation, called Captain Adam’s, will feature Mediterranean fare. The approved license came with a few conditions including live entertainment allowed inside with a maximum of two pieces, and non-amplified entertainment allowed outside a maximum of four nights a week from 7-10 p.m.