Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Ending Recycling In OC Raises Many Questions


Who is Covanta? I became curious as to this wonderful company that would burn our recyclables and turn them into energy just as good as our current system of recycling them.

Well, it seems the company has quite an interesting past: Recently, this company was found guilty of violating federal labor laws by the National Labor Relations Board at more than 50 of its sites. Just the tip of the iceberg.

In 2002, Covanta filed for bankruptcy protection and remained in that status until 2004 at which they it resumed normal operations such as they were. In 2009, Covanta was fined numerous times for violations of air pollution laws by state environmental authorities in several states. In April of 2002, OSHA cited four serious violations against Covanta which included using cardboard and duct tape to maintain and repair electrical equipment and they were found to store acetylene cylinders next to oxygen cylinders, just asking to blow up the block.

In June of 2009, OSHA issued citations against Covanta for serious violations of federal safety regulations at its waste incinerator in Rochester, Mass., including an accumulation of fly ash on energized 208-volt electrical equipment which exposed workers to shock and other hazards.

In May 2009, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection found Covanta was allowing unacceptable levels of dioxins and furans at its Pittsfield incinerator by 350 percent. Other violations at this plant were found to not have been reported through 2008.

The people of Dublin, Ireland know Covanta all too well because the Independent Newspaper in that city fields complaints on a daily basis about the Poolbeg incinerator which is dirtying their beautiful city.

Here is the kind of company the leaders of Ocean City want us to trust: In 2009, Covanta hired Clarington, Canada former Mayor John Mutton, who lost his job in the previous election, as a lobbyist for their cause. Later that year, he was convicted of beating his wife.

The proposal by the leaders of Ocean City to cease recycling efforts to save money does not pass the laugh test. We could save even more by just pitching the trash in the ocean, and it might have less environmental and social impact than allowing even more waste to go to Covanta. Don’t these guys even check who they do business with? We recycle because it is the right thing to do, period, and when a politician tries to convince you that some alternative is really just as good, watch out.

We really need more people to run for council who give a damn.

Bob Kimmel

Ocean City

Recycling Demise Concerning


This past week I read with great dismay of the ending of recycling in Ocean City.

The only thing I can say is what in the world are they thinking.

In a time where many cities are expanding their programs, Ocean City has decided to do away with our program.

In a time when there are communities making curbside programs mandatory, our city has decided to cancel our program.

In a time where the country has elected a "green " president who has made going green a priority, we have made a step backwards and canceled our recycling program.

Why? To save money. What about saving the enviroment? What kind of city that thrives on one part of the environment ends a program designed to the help entire environment?

The program we are switching to burns the trash, emitting waste into the air and probably expanding global warming.

All this to save money. There needs to be a reexamination of this poor, misconceived and environmentally damaging decision.

Please everyone write, call and complain to the City Council in the hope they will see this huge mistake and reinstitute the recycling program.

Barbara Bender

Ocean City

Taxes Are Not Bad


News Editor Shawn Soper’s article on “Tax Freedom Day” belonged on the editorial page, not as a news piece, for its subjective handling of the issue of taxes and the date by which workers earn enough to cover their tax burden.

By stating that only after that particular day do Americans start working for themselves, Soper is feeding into the “tea party” hysteria that taxes are by definition bad. Do tax dollars spent for clean air and water, food and drug safety, or disease prevention and public health benefit us? Do you consider taxes that are spent for law enforcement or for the military to be working for us? How about taxes spent on Medicare – do these benefit Americans? Highway

construction and safety, public education, air traffic controllers and aviation safety, the judicial system, beach replenishment, snow plowing on public roads … all brought to us by government and paid by taxes.

Taxes are the price of democracy. If the tax whiners don’t want to pay for our democracy, they should move to Saudia Arabia – no income tax and very low business taxes.

Kate McQueen


A Memorable Easter


How vivid my memory is of noon, Good Friday, when I huffed and puffed to the ER reception desk at Atlantic General Hospital (AGH) and was taken to the triage nurse in minutes. Before I could say "Easter Bunny", I was in my undies and tees under a nice warm ER blanket. Barely 30 minutes later, I was advised that "you will be staying with us upstairs. Off I went, Ergo, Room 228.

Thru Easter weekend the hospitalists, nurses, nurse practitioners, techs and, yes, the custodial and food service personnel were as attentive as one can get. I was advised of a fluid build-up that needed to be addressed. How many times my vitals were checked and meds applied escapes me. Before long, two cardiologists from Delmarva Heart showed up. I even remember my very own "DNR" wristband.

On Monday, I was advised that I would be released, and to check in with Delmarva Heart. My AGH records were at the latter facility when I arrived. And the CRNP, and assistants, in charge of nuclear medicine, did their "thing." Time will tell as to these results.

Yet, I am truly in awe of the top-draw performance at both facilities to address my health concerns. What an unusual Easter, and follow-up, for an old goat, age 82, to get the quality care and attention I got. Somehow, I guess I would expect no less.

How in the world could I ever forget the Easter Bunny of 2010?

Ray Sawyer
Ocean City

Join In Cancer Fight


The fight against cancer is an ongoing battle. Cancer never sleeps. Just about everyone today is effected by cancer. A family member, a friend or possible oneself. I am a six year cancer survivor. When I found out about my problem, I was afraid but I was also determined that I was going to beat this disease. Presently I am a volunteer with the American Cancer Society. There is an event, Relay for Life coming up on May 7 at Frontier Town Campground. W

hat is the Relay for Life? The Relay brings together more than 700 people to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remembers loved one lost to cancer and empowers individuals and communities to fight back against this dreaded disease.

People from all walks of life, white, black, yellow, young and old get together to raise much needed funds and awareness. No matter who you are, there is a place for you at Relay. In February I saw an article in the Washington Post from a columnist stating "Prostate cancer get respect when it get personal" I wrote him back that prostate cancer should always get respect like all other cancer. The fight is 7/24. This columnist views and my views on other matter never seem to agree. However, he wrote back there is something of a brotherhood among people who are dealing with cancer that trumps race, politics and stuff that we sometimes let get in the way of our common humanity. 

A good friend gave me this quote that she uses all the time, “I am only one, still I am one, I cannot do everything, still I can do something, I will not refuse to do something I can do" (Helen Keller 1880-1968).

Please join us at Relay for Life on May 7 in this fight against cancer. If you want more information, my email is [email protected]

Nick Bartolomeo

Selbyville, Del.

Don’t Forget About Pet Benefit


The Worcester County Humane Society would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the annual “Boardwalkin’ for Pets” happening Saturday, April 24, from 9 a.m. to noon, rain or shine.

This year’s event is being dedicated to the memory of our late friend Dale Pfeiffer of Harbourside Refrigeration. She was an avid supporter of our no kill shelter. In fact, she was always the top pledge earner in the fundraiser for the past several years.

If you have already donated to our largest fundraising event, then thank you. If you would like to donate and/or participate, please visit www.boardwalkinforpets.com for information or just stop by the Boardwalk Inlet between 9 a.m. and noon.

Thanks to everyone who will be participating in this wonderful event.

Worcester County Humane Society Volunteers