Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Support For County

Tourism Funding Shift


As president of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to express my thanks to Lisa Challenger and the Worcester County Department of Tourism.

We are a small organization that works to help our business community succeed and the Tourism Department has been a wonderful tool to help with this goal.

Lisa and her staff have helped the Berlin Chamber both financially and promotionally with many of our events and have helped in the overall effort to market the town of Berlin as a tourist destination in regional publications.

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce considers Lisa Challenger and the Worcester County Department of Tourism to be a valuable resource.  

Anita Todd


Cabbies Issue Apology


(The following letter was addressed to the Ocean City Mayor and Council and copy sent to this paper for publication.)

Over the past several months, I made several accusations which made headlines.

When these words were spoken, they were stated in anger and without forethought.

I would like to point out to the citizens and acknowledge some actions which occurred and also deserve equal attention.

The council believes the medallion system will enhance the taxi industry.

We voted for them and must trust their judgment.

The mayor, council or any town employee don’t deserve name calling being as they treated me personally and the other taxi owners with respect and deserve the same in return. Name calling by me was childish and unacceptable.

The Mayor and Council worked with the industry regarding rates, payment plan extension, inspection extension, renewal rates and air conditioning, just to name a few. The Mayor and Council made adjustments each time we asked and acted in good faith. They were both patient and understanding.

I am sorry and would like to apologize for my rudeness and retract my former comments.

Christy Freeman

Ray Godman

Ocean City

Teachers Suffering

For Federal Dollars


Assemblymen, beware. Approaching soon is Nancy Grasmick, and she’s got more ideas to scapegoat and demoralize teachers – all for a quick fix of federal coin.

Be mindful that 80 percent of new teachers in Maryland quit in the first five years. They’re being used as toilet paper and Ms. Grasmick wants to intensify that use. Instead, how about:

1. Mentor teachers for all teachers new to teaching – not just those “having trouble”. Ms. Grasmick would just give the troubled a token mentor session or two before firing them.

2. Defending rather than persecuting teachers who maintain order in their classrooms.

3. More “alternative” schools for the chronic disrupters. No more Glen Bedlam High’s.

4. Making students with bad grades take AVID before taking AP, IB and magnet programs.

5. Fast-track certification for would-be science and math teachers, a one-semester course in professional matters plus tricks of the trade followed by a semester of student teaching.

6. Easing the teacher’s “professional” paperwork – which the bosses don’t even read.

7. More TV ads pushing parents to read bedtime stories to their pre-school children. Research shows these kids learn to read with better comprehension and learn to like school.

8. Some TV ads are urging parents to get their kids to enjoy activities requiring them to sit still and concentrate. Running around is not a “learning style”. Speak to us, Al Shanker.

9. Encouragement of charter schools/fewer impediments put in their way by school boards.

10. Encouragement of charter schools/fewer impediments put in their way by school boards.

Ms. Grasmick claims MSTA, the big teacher union, supports her. Big deal. It supports slots, too. MSTA is as venal as she is. They’d both sell their mothers down the river.

J.A. Hoage

Severna Park, Md.