Juveniles Arrested In Break-In

OCEAN CITY – Four local juvenile were arrested on theft and burglary charges last weekend after a concerned citizen witnessed two of them entering a north-end condo and was able to detain them until police arrived.

Around 1:50 p.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the area of 140th Street and Wight Street for a reported residential burglary in progress. Officers arrived on the scene and made contact with the resident of a nearby condominium who had observed several suspects entering a condo known to be unoccupied through a sliding glass door.

The witness was able to detain two of the suspects, both juveniles, ages 13 and 14, until police arrived. Because of the resident’s quick action and willingness to get involved, OCPD officers were able to locate two additional suspects. A total of four juveniles, two 13-year-olds and two 14-year-olds, were involved in the burglary.

Three of the juveniles were from Ocean City, while the fourth was from Berlin. All four suspects were arrested and charged with theft of alcoholic beverages, which were in the residence, as well as first- and third-degree burglary. As a result of the arrests, OCPD officers were able to link one of the juveniles to a previously reported theft from a vending machine that occurred in early March.

The OCPD referred the matter to Maryland Juvenile Services. The juveniles were later released to the custody of their parents or guardians.

Newark Burglary

NEWARK – A Newark man was arrested on theft and burglary charges this week after allegedly breaking into a residence and stealing computer equipment.

On Monday, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in Newark for a reported burglary. Upon arrival, deputies learned a residence had been burglarized and computer equipment had been stolen. The investigation led to a suspect, later identified as Richard Rusch, 18, of Newark, who was located and arrested.

Rusch has been charged with conspiracy to commit theft and burglary. He was taken before a District Court Commissioner and ordered held on a $25,000 bond. The investigation is ongoing, according to the sheriff’s office.

Wild Scooter Ride Nets Fine

OCEAN CITY – A Selbyville man, arrested in December on drunk driving and other serious charges including resisting arrest after an incident that began at a north-end convenience store and included a wild scooter ride and ended with the suspect being arrested after fleeing on foot, pleaded guilty this week to driving while impaired and was fined $500.

Around 2:40 a.m. on Dec. 7, 2009, an OCPD officer on routine patrol in the area of 139th Street observed a man, later identified as Gerald Lee Lusby, 37, of Selbyville, standing next to a motor scooter in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven store. According to police reports, Lusby was staggering around the parking lot narrowly avoiding cars coming in and out of the store and eventually knocked over the scooter. He reportedly went back inside the store for as long as 30 minutes and then disappeared behind the store for another 10-15 minutes, according to police reports.

The officer observed Lusby get on the scooter and exit the parking lot, entering Coastal Highway without breaking or looking in either direction. The officer got behind Lusby and activated his emergency lights, but the suspect allegedly looked back before darting east on 142nd Street on the scooter. Lusby continued on 142nd Street before entering the Hawaiian Village condominium building parking lot, crashing into and laying the scooter down on the ground.

Lusby remounted the scooter and continued into the parking garage, running over a concrete parking curb and some landscape edging before getting on the sidewalk. Still on the scooter, Lusby dashed across Coastal Highway at 142nd Street and turned left on Sinepuxent Ave. and then right on 141st Street. He then turned into a residence on Derrickson Ave. and crashed the scooter in the yard.

Lusby then fled from police on foot, running into the back yard of a residence on 142nd Street. OCPD officers gave chase on foot and ordered Lusby to stop fleeing. An OCPD officer was able to take Lusby to the ground, but the suspect continued to fight with officers. He was eventually subdued after a struggle.

Finally, around 3:50 a.m., or over an hour after the incident began, Lusby was taken into custody. According to police reports, he exhibited signs of being intoxicated. A check of his identification revealed his Maryland driving privilege was suspended and revoked, and he was ineligible for a driver’s license in Delaware. He refused to take a breath test.

Cop Assault Case

Forwarded To Circuit

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City man arrested in February for allegedly assaulting a resort police officer during an altercation at an uptown residence had his case forwarded to Circuit Court this week after a preliminary hearing.

Around 7:15 p.m. on Feb. 21, an OCPD officer was dispatched to a residence on 142nd Street to assist with an EMS call for a female who had possibly had a stroke. Emergency Services staffers evaluated the woman in question, but she refused medical assistance. While on scene, the OCPD officer encountered a man in the residence described as very intoxicated who was uncooperative and subject to mood swings, according to police reports.

While OCPD officers were evaluating the situation to determine if it was safe for the female victim, the intoxicated male, identified as Ronald Cantrell, 51, of Ocean City, continued to complicate the incident. The officers asked Cantrell to go outside with them and he refused. An officer than noticed a folding pocket knife clipped to Cantrell’s front pants pocket and took it from him for safety reasons. The officer attempted to explain to Cantrell he would give the knife back when they left, but that made him angry.

Cantrell then tried to walk into the room where another officer was talking with the female victim, but when the officer attempted to stop him, Cantrell allegedly shoved the officer aside. The officer then grabbed Cantrell from behind by the shirt and told him to go back and sit down. According to police reports, Cantrell then came toward the officer with both hands in front of him and shoved him in the chest.

According to police reports, Cantrell’s hands slipped down and he grabbed the officer behind his left knee. When the officer tried to resist, Cantrell allegedly lifted the officers leg and shoved him backwards, forcing the officer to hop on one foot to avoid falling until Cantrell had pushed him back about 10 feet into a kitchen counter. The officer struck Cantrell with a palm slap to the side of his face, but the strike was ineffective, according to police reports.

When the officer ordered Cantrell to let go of his leg, he refused, forcing the officer to strike him three more times in the face with straight punches, according to police reports. Cantrell allegedly refused to let go of the officer’s leg, forcing another officer to administer several knee strikes to the suspect’s side. He eventually let go and was arrested and charged with second-degree assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

Berlin Fire Accidental

BERLIN – An early morning fire last Friday at a residence on Flower Street in Berlin has been listed as accidental.

Shortly before 8 a.m. last Friday, the Berlin Fire Department responded to a reported fire at a residence on Flower Street. First-arriving units reported fire showing from two sides of the two-story residential dwelling. The fire was quickly extinguished. The residence was occupied at the time of the fire, but the occupant was able to escape the burning home without injury.

The fire originated in the living room located on the first floor. It was contained to the room of origin although there was heat and smoke damage throughout the residence. The cause of the fire has been listed as accidental.

Reserve Officer Of Year Recognized

OCEAN CITY – A five-year veteran of the OCPD’s reserve officer program last week was recognized by the department as the Reserve Officer of the Year for 2009.

On Thursday, March 11, the OCPD recognized Robert Boyres as the 2009 Reserve Officer of the Year. Boyres has been a member of the OCPD reserve officer program since 2005 and has logged five years of dedicated service to his community. During 2009, Boyres distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service by contributing over 500 hours of support in the public safety mission.

Boyres supported the Ocean City community at numerous parades and festivals as well as public safety operational details such as traffic control at Winterfest of Lights and several pedestrian crossing details. In addition, Boyres spent numerous hours assisting the OCPD’s property section with forfeitures and seizures.

Boyres joins a prestigious and well-deserved group of individuals who have been recognized for the contributions to the Ocean City community. The title of Reserve Officer of the Year is awarded to the person who best demonstrates a devotion to duty and public service and whose conduct and contribution exemplify the purpose of the reserve unit.

Since its inception, the reserve officer program has saved the town of Ocean City over $1 million in manpower. In 2009, reserve officers donated a combined 3,008 hours with Boyres contributing 551 hours of his time to the Ocean City Police Department.

Whaleyville Fire Investigated

WHALEYVILLE – The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office this week continued to investigate the cause of a fire at a residence in Whaleyville last Wednesday.

Around 7:30 p.m. last Wednesday, the fire was reported by the occupant of the residence on Circle Rd. in Whaleville. First-arriving units from the Showell Volunteer Fire Company reported smoke showing from the rear of the two-story home. The Showell Fire Company was assisted by firefighters from the Willards Volunteer Fire Company and the fire was quickly extinguished. No injuries were reported.

The fire was contained to the room of origin with heat and smoke damage throughout the residence. The investigation revealed the fire originated in a first-floor bathroom although the cause is still listed as undetermined. Anyone with additional information is urged to contact Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Matt Owens at 410-632-5666.