OC Elementary Students of the Month

Ocean City Elementary School recently honored the January Students of the Month. Pictured, first row, first graders Kellen Catrino, Jacelyn Clapsadle, Chris McConnell, Christine Lizas and Lydia Woodley; second row, second graders Josselyne Maza-Chavez, Nicholas Franklin, David Herbst, William Melgar-Mejia and Benjamin Wilkins; third row, fourth graders Kayla Higgins, Niamh Lundberg, Jessica Blancas-Chavez, Piper Connors, Cole Deppe, Bryce Kalchthaler amd Derowen Cutchin; and fourth row, third graders Remy Anderson, Faith Murray-Engh, Daisean Ellison, Julia Thompson, Chad Fischer, Abby Crisanti and Carlos Mijares.