Honors System Proposed To Replace Class Ranking

NEWARK – A new three-tiered scholastic honors system will replace the long-standing valedictorian and salutatorian system at Worcester County high schools because colleges focus on grade point average (GPA) and courses taken in the admissions process, not the top two spots at each high school.The new academic honors will reward more of the top students… Read more »

County Schools Need To Cut $1.8M

NEWARK – County schools face $1.8 million in reductions in next year’s budget, with $1.2 million of the overage representing higher fixed costs such as fuel, insurance and energy.The Worcester County Board of Education received the fiscal year 2011 schools budget Tuesday afternoon knowing that reductions must still be made to meet a Maintenance of… Read more »

Fatherhood Adventures

I am taking a little departure this week from the daily antics of my boys to jump atop the proverbial soapbox.There are periods of time when bad news seems to dominate daily life, but currently it appears to be at every turn, and I recently was startled by some personal news that continues to trouble… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Letter MisinterpretedEditor:In his rebuttal to my recent letter to the editor regarding the need for stronger policies and sentencing for sexual predators, Joseph Kroart clearly missed the point, and then mischaracterized my comments. Mr. Kroart suggested “underlying motives” and a lack of originality in my recommendations. I am not sure what he is referring to.I’ve… Read more »