Voices From The Readers

Perplexing Comments


Joe Kroart, what’s with the rabid dog act? Your criticism of the motivation behind Michael James’ letter was downright nasty.

Why would you be so surprised that James’s opinions agree with a number of elected official’s opinions regarding child sex offenders? The similar views that James and these others expressed are shared by many in this region and James’s letter was a well-written expression of these widely held sentiments. And yet you react like Michael James cheated off you on the final exam. How strange.

Equally bewildering are your comments equating James’ letter to grandstanding. Candidates for political office often utilize the editorial pages of local newspapers as one means of communicating their positions and beliefs to their constituency. The absolute point of using this established method to spread your message is to get the “public exposure” you seem to find so offensive. How peculiar.

Many things in this world deserve the level of outrage that you feign but Michael James’s motives for writing his letter are not among them. Please share the real motivation behind your bizarre and overblown attack.

Roger Young


Officials Have It Wrong


Where are we headed? One wonders as we watch in dismay as our elected officials who are asked to govern seem to fail miserably. From the local level to the White House, we are faced with professional, narcissistic politicians with more interest in themselves than those they were elected to represent.

Far too many seem to think that their particular elected position is “theirs” for life or should be much like the so-called Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts or Barbara Mikulski’s in Maryland. All the while when the people try to exercise their constitutional right to let them know how we feel about their actions or the directions they are taking the country, we are met once again with a gouge in the eye. We are told that we are a bunch of crazed, un-American, nuts paid by special interests and referred to as tea baggers and right-wing Christian zealots.

The party in power apparently has been taken over with stifling arrogance by persons with Marxist, fascist, socialist and racist agendas. Even our president said of the peoples movement, “they are pushing, we’re going to push back.” This comes purely from a dictatorial mind set. This administration believes that it, by being elected, has carte blanche to do as it wishes. Even Nancy Pelosi, our house majority leader, tried to justify the arrogant, rapacious behavior by stating, “we won the election.” How crass.

We cannot recover our strength by vilifying the business and banking elements of our economy as our president has done and continues to do. The business of America is business. After all, where can the wealth redistributionists get our wealth to give away if not ultimately from business? Government does not generate wealth of its own, it only takes wealth from those who generate it.

Our present administration, from the state level on up, is fiscally irresponsible and simply doesn’t know how to govern within the framework of our constitution, to them that crazy outdated document. Come November let’s begin to reclaim our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Prepare now to get out and vote. It’s for the very soul of our country.

Art Perry