Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Letter Misinterpreted


In his rebuttal to my recent letter to the editor regarding the need for stronger policies and sentencing for sexual predators, Joseph Kroart clearly missed the point, and then mischaracterized my comments. Mr. Kroart suggested “underlying motives” and a lack of originality in my recommendations. I am not sure what he is referring to.

I’ve been on record and have been discussing the need for stronger predator laws dating back to my campaign in 2006, and it is certainly no secret I will run for the state legislature again. In the meantime, I will speak and work for positive change. As for originality, the tragic loss of Sarah Foxwell has drawn attention and commentary from many places. It is not unusual that others may share similar thoughts and ideas. That is how consensus is formed.

The point Kroart missed in my earlier letter was that the delay in 2006 by the General Assembly to strengthen the laws, was from political maneuvering. There was no suggestion in my letter, as Kroart implies, that the delay was connected to the Sarah Foxwell tragedy. Mr. Kroart also missed another point. Some legislators who are now talking tough had a different agenda then, and what we need now, and in the future, is more action and less political grandstanding.

Michael James

West Ocean City


Our legislators in Annapolis will be there spending, spending and spending even though the state is over a billion dollars in the hole.

The question that should follow is why?? Why do they go there with no regard for common sense and keep increasing spending?

The answer is simple – because we allow it. Do you believe if we started putting out these folks on election day when they raised our taxes, increased every fee in the book and kept on spending money we don’t have it would continue?

I believe the answer to that is a resounding no, but still every election we go to the polls and elect the same people over and over. How long have Mike Miller and Mike Busch been in office? How many of these folks have been elected more that four or five times? I’m not looking at this from a Democratic or Republican point of view. I just believe we need to look at the voting records of our representatives and if they have continued to vote for increased spending send them packing. Do not just go in the booth this November and pull the same old worn out lever. Actually spend some time educating yourself on what they have been doing to you the last 10 -12 years and throw them out.

This will be the only way we will be able to bring any sensibility back to our state budget and hopefully stop this continuing spending spiral..

Len Bender

Ocen City

Election Stance Wrong


Good Lord, don’t do anything smart or original like saving a few thousand dollars by combining local elections with state and national ones. No, our local pols need to have their day.

If we can’t change, why do we take away Ocean City cars from employees required for police and other emergency duties, move the bus depot to West Ocean City, raise parking rates, wrap buses, etc.?

It’s supposed to be about saving money (taxes) not the pols’ "day to shine".

Joe Moran

Ocean City

Support For Alumni Audit


Worcester Junior-Senior High School Alumni Association should be more inclusive. I attended a meeting along with Patricia Hingleton and asked a few key questions. I was never informed of any more open meetings.

Asking questions should not be interpreted as confusion. Please extend an invitation to all alumni. Some of us want to be involved and help make decisions. After all, the Worcester Junior-Senior Alumni Association is a non-profit entity. Why not operate with transparency? I agree with Pat Hingleton. It is time for an audit. The alumni have the right to know.

Melva Fowler

West Ocean City

Support Appreciated


I want to express a big thank you to the many kind and generous friends who donated their time, money, and gifts for our soldiers overseas during the 2009 Christmas Holidays.  I especially express my appreciation to the Ocean Pines, Berlin, and Ocean City Public Libraries, the VFW in Ocean City, and of the new Ocean Pines Community Center for allowing placement of the collection containers at those facilities.

There was a lot of help given by Ocean Pines Director of Marketing Teresa Travatello who got out the information about the program, Ocean Pines Director of Parks and Recreation Mike Howell for the use of his truck to collect the gifts, and the help of all the volunteers at the American Legion Post #166 in Ocean City. A special thanks to Sarge and Rosie Garlitz for their labor of love. Most of all, without the help of the local newspapers, radio and TV stations providing public service messages about the program, the public would not have known about the campaign and the program would not have been the success it proved to be.

I received word from the overseas frontlines that seeing our soldiers opening their gifts was like watching our children at Christmas experiencing Santa all over again and realizing that he still remembers and loves them. I hope I have recognized everyone for their participation and once again say, "A most sincere thank you to all."

Carl Foultz

Ocean Pines