Friday, Nov 20–Happy Ending For Local Boat

WEST OCEAN CITY – Almost lost among the many stories to come out of last week’s historic coastal storm was the tale of a 50-foot fishing vessel that broke from its moorings at the commercial harbor in West Ocean City and nearly drifted out to sea before becoming stranded behind Assateague Island.

During the height of the storm last Thursday night, the “Miss Brittany”  came loose from its moorings.

A Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) vessel did respond to the scene, but the smaller boat could do little but offer support to the larger “Miss Brittany.” The Coast Guard reportedly told the boat owner it could not respond because its smaller boat had been taken out of the water in advance of the storm and its larger boat was being employed elsewhere, according to a source.

Consequently, the “Miss Brittany” drifted out of the harbor before becoming beached in an area across from the Castaway’s campground. It remained there before being recovered sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.