Voices From The Readers

(The following letter was addressed to Commissioner Robert Cowger and forwarded to this publication.)

Editor: While I certainly don’t believe everything I read in the paper, when I see a quote, I tend to believe it or, at least, it’s gist. 

Your statement regarding the MCB request for the kayak launch, saying that, “I’m tired of getting blasted in the paper and then having you come up here and ask for something,” really gets under my skin. Boo Hoo… You are an elected official serving ME and the rest of the people in this county.

If it hurts your little feelings that people don’t agree with you and voice their opposition to your stance on things, too damn bad. Suck it up and govern, don’t take it personally and vote against something just because the issue was brought before you by someone who has opposed you in the past. Stubborn, narrow-mindedness should have no place in Worcester County government.

And, by the way, it seems that one of the reasons you have been blasted, is for something that is advised against by the state of Maryland. Thank goodness MCB, ACT, and the Coastkeeper, strived to expose the way you and fellow commissioners have recently conducted county business. Who do YOU really serve?

Your stated reason for opposing what would be a very nice addition to Worcester County’s recreational amenities is, in effect, a slap in your own face and everyone else’s in the county. It makes you look like child and helps cast a shadow over the rest of your fellow commissioners. And, I’m sure others in the state have taken notice as well. Your statement only helps reinforce Wm. Donald Schaeffer’s infamous opinion of the Eastern Shore of Maryland as being a backwards “outhouse” in people’s minds.

You sir, certainly don’t represent me or my interests.
Chris Tilghman
Ocean City


On Friday, Oct. 30, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called on Americans to make an “emergency house call” and protest the impending threat of government run health care. With less than a week to plan and organize, on November 5 tens of thousands surrounded their ‘house’- the United States Capitol Building. “Kill the bill” was the chant and the “bill” was HR 3962, possibly the biggest threat to our freedom, our quality of life, and our cost of living in the history of this country.

 Members of the Worcester County chapter of the non-partisan “American’s for Prosperity” boarded a charter bus at the West Ocean City Park and Ride for the trip to D.C., and at other Maryland locations. AFP members did the same. In D.C., Marylanders were joined by citizens from more than 40 other states, including Texas, Michigan, and Illinois, patriotic Americans who traveled long distances at their own expense.

 And make a ‘house call’ was what we did; after the rally at the steps of the Capitol, thousands waited in line to gain access to the congressional office buildings.  Our Worcester/Wicomico group was fortunate in that although Congressman Kratovil was not in his office when we got there, we did run into him in the hallway and in no uncertain terms we expressed our opposition to the radical dismantling of our health care system.

 But our self-described blue dog Democrat Congressman Kratovil needs to understand that we do not want the government controlling our health care choices. He seems to be stuck in a tunnel vision mode of opposing the bill solely on ‘deficit’ concerns, while he does not seem to oppose a government takeover of private insurance, nor does he seem concerned about the increase of cost of health care to the overwhelming majority of Americans. Please call him and tell him that you say no to socialism, and no to government control over our health and wellness decisions.

The bottom line is that The Congressional Budget office states that a miniscule percentage of the American population will be helped by this bill: meanwhile the overwhelming majority (85% of Americans are very satisfied with their health care) will have their medical plans dismantled and will be dragged down to sub-standard health care in the name of social equality. That’s the way socialism works, that’s the way redistribution of wealth works, that’s the way this radical President and his administration works.

The next meeting of the Worcester County Chapter of American’s for Prosperity will be held on Tuesday November 24, 6:30 p.m., at the Ocean Pines Community Center.

Steve Lind

Ocean Pines


I am the owner of Boomers Restaurant, and I am writing in response to the “stand up and speak out” letter from Charles Zukas printed in the Nov. 6 issue.

I am very sorry that the “Halloween Tree” on the counter offended Mr. Zukas, it certainly wasn’t my intention. The decoration was whimsical in nature, a black tree hung with 10 various ornaments made of hand blown glass. I don’t want to offend anyone. In fact, I’ve intentionally not decorated the restaurant with “scary” Halloween items because I want the restaurant to be a friendly, non-threatening place for the children who come in. Please be assured that I will not put this decoration out again in the future, and please accept my apology.

Now on another matter, I have to question the editorial policy of this newspaper. I didn’t think “letters to the editor” were a place to publicly print letters of complaint to a private business.

In this challenging economy where small independent businesses like mine are fighting for their life against large national chains, I can’t understand why an editor would publish a letter that calls out a local business. If someone had a rude cashier at the grocery store, should they write a letter to your paper? If a parent is unhappy with their child’s teacher, should they write a letter to your paper?

I think letters to the editor should focus on issues of common social/cultural/governmental concern. If a private business is being used as an example of cultural issue (as mine was), than I think then newspaper should have represented us anonymously (as a “local business”).

This issue may have cast the restaurant in a negative light, so in fairness please allow me the courtesy of sharing with your readers some of the wonderful things we’ve done at Boomers to support the Berlin community. It started three and a half years ago when I bought the property. The restaurant had been standing vacant for some time. It was in disrepair and appeared to be attracting some not-so-desirable elements, right near two local schools.

As a mother of four teenagers, I wanted to create a safe environment where I would be comfortable with my kids going with their friends to get a pizza and some ice cream. I also wanted it to appeal to my 79 year-old father and his appetite for homemade soups and salads.

The first step was to completely renovate the restaurant, including painting the side of the building with a charming mural of turn of the century Berlin (a free advertisement for downtown!). Each year we give away at least six giant stuffed animals to winners of our coloring contest. We also welcome partnership with local schools. We have been a strong fundraising partner with Buckingham Elementary School, hosting several events at the restaurant. Of course, we have donated to a number of local causes and will continue to do so.

I am proud to own Boomers Restaurant, proud that I have provided jobs to the community, and created a wholesome environment where people of all ages can enjoy good food at good prices in a bright, clean environment. I hope Mr. Zukas will continue to come to Boomers and enjoy our food.

Heidi Butler


(The writer is the owner of Boomers Restaurant.)