Arborists Eye OC Conference

BERLIN – A professional group of tree experts will be coming to Berlin this October to spend a day in a town park.

Berlin’s largest park will host the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (MAC-ISA), a society of tree professionals, in October as part of a three-day conference on arboriculture. All MAC-ISA members are certified arborists.

“This is the first time the Mid-Atlantic chapter has ever been in this area,” said Greg Purnell, a town of Ocean City arborist.

The MAC-ISA conference, “Riding the Waves of Arboriculture,” will be held in Ocean City, with the “Field Day,” an in the field training day, held in Berlin.

Conference participants will gather at Stephen Decatur Park on Oct. 19 for seminars and demonstrations on tree climbing, tree assessment, tree risk management, tree preservation and “CSI” techniques for invasive insects.

Purnell said he expects over 200 tree professionals at the conference.

The field day will include an assessment by attendees of the trees in Stephen Decatur Park.

“This is not the reason we’re coming but since we are here we’d like to provide that service for the town,” said Purnell.

Participants will also be offered a tree tour of Berlin and surrounding areas with Purnell pointing out significant trees in northern Worcester County.

Berlin, Purnell said, is a town of special trees, including the fourth largest magnolia tree in Maryland as well as notable trees on Main St., which is home to a large English elm, and Jefferson St. He will also point out notable trees in Briddelltown and Ocean Pines.

Mayor Gee Williams asked Purnell at last Monday night’s Berlin Mayor and Council meeting to make sure the new scrap tire walking path is not harmed during the field day.

“Make it as practical as possible and protect that new asset,” said Williams.

Purnell agreed that the walking path should be looked after. “It’s a great asset to the park,” he said.

Williams was excited about the tree professionals including a stop in Berlin for their conference.

“It’s great that so many out of towners will see Stephen Decatur Park,” Williams said. “It’s been a source of town pride for 35-plus years.” 

Purnell said, “We’re going to try to promote Berlin every way from an aboriculture, arborists standpoint.”