Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Competition May Ease Health Insurance Costs


I’m writing this letter because my health insurance premium increased 12 1/2 percent last week. 

My husband and I have been responsible citizens for the last 50 years. We raised and educated our children; we didn’t expect the government to take care of us. We did it ourselves. I have voted both parties during my lifetime because I don’t think one party is right all the time.

Having said that, I would like to see some competition for the insurance companies. Perhaps insurance costs would get better controlled. I don’t know if President Obama’s plan is a good one because I don’t have all the information I need to make an intelligent decision and from what I‘ve read lately neither do a lot of other people. I do know, however, that he’s making an effort.

I haven’t seen the Republicans put anything on the table except let’s make Obama fail. I would like to see both parties sit down and work out a plan that would benefit everyone. After all, our politicians were elected to represent us and not the special interest groups that throw around a lot of money. I guess that’s too much to hope for.

Dorothy Boenzli

West Ocean City

A Couple Thoughts On Ocean City Land Debate


My two cents worth on the Rick vs. Rick 65th Street ‘situation’. 

During my 21 years at 65th St Slide & Ride, I bought the business in 1989, I made repeated requests to purchase the real estate from my landlord Mr. Dick Laws. In spite of my varied appeals for him to sell, obviously a sale never happened. I think Mr. Laws enjoyed these attempts of mine to purchase and he would gently let me down explaining he had children and grandchildren to think about. Seems to me Ricky, Dick’s son, is cut from the same cloth. He simply does not want to sell.

On the flip side, ever since the Town of Ocean City purchased the Playland property, I always suspected the Slide & Ride site would ultimately be gobbled up by the city. I believe the Mayor & Council are doing what they are supposed to do, watching out for the future viability of the town for us taxpayers present and future.

Even though I don’t have a pony in this race, I’m going to enjoy watching this situation play out. In a perfect world we could have a win-win. Good luck to all.

Mike Wicklein   

Ocean City

Club Seeks Community Assistance To Continue


The Decatur Soccer Club is a non-profit, community based organization, dedicated to providing young men and women the opportunity to grow as athletes, but more importantly, to grow as respectful and productive members of society.

Founded in November 2008, the club is based out of Ocean City and consists of future and current, male and female Stephen Decatur High School soccer players from grades 6-12.

Our philosophy is centered on giving back to the community. We are actively partnered with the local chapters of Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and help run youth soccer camps, ages 3-7, in Ocean Pines.

Also, this summer, members of the club volunteered their time to the Community Church of Ocean Pines Vacation Bible school program from June 21-25. They were the recreation leaders all week to 115 children aged 3-10. The children enjoyed playing games such as dodge ball and kickball with the players.

The club is funded 100 percent by donations. We practice and play indoor and outdoor soccer year-round in Ocean City, Berlin and Fruitland. We plan to travel to out-of-area tournaments and overseas in the future. The costs associated with running the club consist of uniforms, fees for fields, referee fees, league fees, coaches and travel expenses.

We are reaching out to our community, alum and the world in hopes that you will recognize what a unique youth club we are building the foundation to and help us invest in our future generations. Your tax-deductible contribution in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Contributions can be sent to: Decatur Soccer Club, Inc., P.O. Box 4644, Ocean City, Md. 21843-4644.
Jimmy Long

(The writer is the president of the Decatur Soccer Club.)