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Response To Health Care Partisan Rant


Haven’t I had this conversation before? The last time I responded to a letter to The Dispatch from the political partisan from Berlin, I believe that she used the same old “swift boat type politicking” label to attack those who disagree with her views. (Remember the good old days when patriotic Americans were accused of “McCarthyism type politicking”).

But this is a serious issue, and the partisans and ideologues are furious at you for being smart enough to realize that government-controlled health care would be a catastrophe for you and your family, as well as for the entire country. This particular die-hard partisan warns “one last admonition to you …”. Yes, the partisan writer admonishes you, calls you ill-informed, accuses you of being a puppet of lobbying and public relations firm, advises you not to "believe everything you think" and tells you if you don’t burn your medicare card in front of TV cameras you are guilty of “sheer hypocrisy”. The ironic thing is that she is saying these things to fellow Democrats, because many, many Democrats agree that government-controlled health care is a very bad idea.

Yes, even Democrats will have to appear before government bureaucrats for end of life counseling. Even democrats will be paying for this proposed bill and other unprecedented spending for generations to come. Even democrats will wait and wait and wait for the care that they need. Democrats, republicans and whoever will all suffer the same fate if we depend on the government to provide our health care, including the loss of privacy, liberty and freedom as never before seen in this country.

The writer states that those of us who are informed, concerned and alarmed are perpetuating “flat out lies”. Flat out lies? Is that like the president saying that he does not want to put private health care insurance companies out of business, while at the same time a video tape of him (as a senator) shows him saying that is exactly what he wants to do? Is that like the president making secret deals with the pharmaceutical companies and then denying it? Is that like the president saying that the AARP supports his plan, when the AARP says that they don’t?

I’ve noticed that a tactic of those who blindly follow this radical president is to exaggerate a claim of their opponents and then attempt to make a mockery of it. “Euthanizing the eldery” is not what the opposition claims this bill will do; euthanasia requires actually killing someone and Obama has said “we won’t pull the plug on granny”. Of course he won’t, but rest assured that the government – when it is the only health care in town – will have the option whether or not to ‘plug in’ granny in the first place. After all, Obama has suggested that giving the elderly pain medication as an alternative to life saving care is a way to cut the costs of the overburdened health care system. The good news is that “granny” (Obama’s word) will get to speak to a union affiliated civil service employee, who will counsel them and their families through the government imposed death process.

So here’s what we have: Obama has publicly stated that pain medication is an alternative to life sustaining medical treatment for folks of a certain age. His bill contains ‘end of life counseling’. A high ranking member of his administration who will be involved with government controlled health care has written a book which places ‘values’ on the worth of an individual as determined by age. Obama wants to dramatically reduce the costs of health care, and it is senior citizens who account for most of that cost. And there is no doubt that Obama wants the government – and only the government – to determine what – if any – health care you get.

It’s starting to add up, isn’t it?

Steve Lind

Ocean Pines

Event Support Appreciated


Last Saturday, Aug. 8, the Ocean City Parrothead Club held its 6th Annual "Kiddie Crab Roundup" at Ocean City’s Northside Park. At this free event, we registered 197 children from 14 different states, as far away as California. We also had two children from Paris, France. Everyone had a great fun day in which they not only learned how to catch crabs with bait, but learned about the crabs and their life cycle.

We would like to acknowledge the help received from many volunteers who made this event so successful. First, Tom Shuster and the Town of Ocean City for the use of the lagoon dock. Thank you to Donna Harmon of Fishtales whose staff members Mike and Adam provided some of the equipment and crab bait. Special thank you to Greta and Joe Rolland, OCPHC members, who provided all the live crabs to "seed" the lagoon. Kudos to all the OCPHC members who volunteered with set up, registration and education. The event went very smoothly thanks to their help. All the children walked away happy with a prize in hand.

Bob Gilmore

Ocean Pines

(The writer is the event chair.)

Obama Still Campaigning


There is an old saying – be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Although many of us voted for the Democratic ticket, I wonder did we really realize what that actually represented. As it turns out, the administration appears to remain in campaign rather than in governance. The administration continues to operate in the deception mode. Many of those elected to represent us do what they wish for the parties and their own selfish sake via equivocation or outright lying.

One of Senator Dodd’s own home state newspapers stated, “Dodd is a lying weasel.” Nancy Pelosi said she was never told of the CIA’s procedures. When she was proven to be lying, she accused the CIA of lying to her. Now the CIA is under attach by the Democratic Party to cover up for Ms. Pelosi. Congressman Barney Frank claimed to have no knowledge of an illegal call service being conducted in the basement of his very own home. There are numerous other examples such as these.

Our president states they have no desire or intention of taking over or running private business. In almost the same breath explains how he is going to go about running GM and many of the banks, naturally with the exception of Goldman Sachs (one of his benefactors) and investment firms. Also they are going to tell how, what and how much private business management can be paid all the while saying “we have no desire to run banks.”

Now comes the effort to take over all healthcare under the guise of helping the un-and under-insured. This element of our population represents less than 9 percent of our present population. If there was really genuine desire to help them, why not just fix the problem and not send the whole nation down with the so-called sinking ship? They have only the desire to take over the healthcare industry, not to really help those in need. Incidentially who does Medicaid, CHIPs and the recent expansion of CHIPS cover presently? If they weren’t to cover un or under-insured, why pass them? This makes the huge number used by the administration for un- and under-insured appear as a lie as well.

We were told that if we just voted for change he would generate millions of new jobs and he would save millions more. These statements have proven to be hollow and false. Unemployment has increased greatly since he was elected. Our elected officials continue to simply look the other way and dutifully vote time and again with the party rather than with the people, all the while irresponsibly running up a deficit in a single budget which is larger than all deficits combined since the forming of our nation. Your and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be paying on this huge block of irresponsible borrowing and spending. In fact, we may never be able to recover.

We must take our government of the people, by the people and for the people back. Let’s start by contacting our representatives and senators and express our dissatisfaction with their actions to date. Then let’s all begin now to gear up for the 2010 elections so we can regain our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as given to us by the founding fathers.

Art Perry


Hospital Work Recognized


I would like to start out by giving Atlantic General Hospital a hats off. A hug from my heart. Thank you for being there when I need you to save my life.

Often times you would expect that the job of a hospital is to save lives. Perform under extreme conditions as a normal course of business. To me I saw so much more. I saw a group of people that did the expected. They did the ordinary. They also did so much more. The employees (better described as a family) were happy in their jobs. There was a bounce in there steps. The morale was upbeat and attitude outstanding.

Lying there you hear what is going on in the halls. You see the faces of the nurses and techs. This is what helps you get better and feel better. I thought it was unique that Michaelann Frate would always talk about how great AGH was. How professional, team oriented, how it was different than other healthcare experiences that people have had in the past. Wow, I would tell my wife she really seems happy about where she works. It’s true. You should bottle what you do and let other share in it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

From my stay in PCU 221 and 2 North 253 these are some of the people I would like to say thanks (sorry if I forgot anyone); Nurses, Nikki, Alley, Dave, Katie, Rachel, Olga, Melissa and Mellisa on PACU. Techs Pricilla, Donna and Melissa. Furthermore thank you to Bridge Rose, Dr. Zaref (great bedside manner, someone you want to have your life in the hands of.) Most of all Michaelann Frate, whose concern and professionalism led me to AGH. Outstanding.

Brent K. Sandino