Worcester County News In Brief

SNOW HILL – The County Commissioners discussed several items briefly at their meeting on Tuesday. Here’s a recap of some of the smaller meeting items.

— Afer a disagreement between neighbors earlier this summer over a naming request for a private lane, Worcester County will now require all property owners on private roads with three or more houses to fill out separate request forms when asking to name their road.

“It seems that more and more people are requesting that lanes be named,” said Worcester County’s Director of Emergency Services Teresa Owen. “We’ve come up with a form.”

All property owners on a lane must now concur on the request for a name for their street.

Property owners on any private roadway that have requested a name for that street will also be responsible for the $160 cost of making the sign and installing it, if the County Commissioners approve their application.

“I think it’s a great idea…I think it’ll solve some of the problems we’ve had in the past,” said Commissioner Judy Boggs.

— A request by the Worcester County Health Department for a new vehicle, a 2010 midsize sedan, will be sent on to Worcester County’s local car dealerships, instead of being purchased through a state contract.

The requested vehicle is available through state contractor Hertrich Fleet Services for $15,656.

Two weeks ago, the decision to purchase five police cars through the Maryland state contract, held a large dealership in Delaware, bothered some elected officials, who wanted to see the business steered to local car sellers.

The decision to purchase those police vehicles through the state contract was made in order to take advantage of a special offer of 2009 pricing if ordered by the end of July.

The car, a Dodge Avenger, will be paid for through grant money from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration.

— Worcester County will soon begin picking up recycling from Assateague Island State Park at the rate of $185 per service. State park officials requested recycling service from Worcester County in early July, after the state could not fulfill the park’s recycling program requirements. The park’s trash company could only collect mixed, not separated, recyclables, according to Assistant Park Director Ranger James Barbely.

The park will run programs to encourage recycling among campers and visitors.

Worcester County landfill personnel will collect the divided recycling cans within two days of notification by the park that the can needs to be emptied.

County staff expects to continue the recycling pick-up from the state park side of the island through October.