Voices From The Readers

Clean Up Our Town


It’s amazing to me that our politicians don’t do something to protect the honest merchants we have. The competition is selling bootleg merchandise (legal?) falsely advertising services they don’t provide (legal?) and doing other things that are just not right.

If this continues Dan Troiano will probably eventually give up and another shady business will take over. How is this making Ocean City a family-oriented place?

Then there’s the profane rap crap blasting out on the Boardwalk. But whatever happens the politicians always seem to say there’s nothing they can do about it. They should do like the NASCAR race drivers and wear patches showing who their sponsors are.

Tom Boenzli

West O.C.

Too Much, Too Fast

With Reform Proposal


(The following letter was addressed to Congressman Frank Kratovil and a copy sent to this publication.)

I want to tell you that my husband and I have worked and saved and used our money responsibly. We’ve paid health insurance premiums for over 45 years and continue to do so today. We had no wish to be a part of government-managed Medicare but felt compelled to participate anyway. We were reluctant to drop our dependable Blue Cross/Blue Shield and so as a result, we are paying more for insurance in our retirement than we did when we were raising a family. We like our health insurance, as probably the 85 to 90% who have coverage do. We don’t want to be a part of a public option, but fear that if you pass a universal healthcare bill, we will end up without our private insurance. Insurance companies will not be able to compete and one by one they will stop insuring individuals and groups.

Some people want a public option because they think it will be very low cost or free—and for some that may be true. But the public option will cost trillions and for many of us, our expenses will go up and the access to care will go down. Please leave the already insured alone. One of the biggest drain on our system is the high number of illegal aliens, who overuse the emergency room and who in at least one version of a bill being considered, would be exempt from paying premiums, but would still receive care. Why are we not addressing this problem? Many of the uninsured are young and healthy and feel invincible. Should they be compelled to buy insurance? Is there no freedom of choice? I thought Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program were in place to cover the uninsured? Why not expand these programs? Will Congress be participants in any universal plan that may be enacted? If Congress exempts itself, it will prove to me that the plan is inferior.

Too much is being attempted with this reform. Provide a path to basic, affordable insurance to those in need, but don’t do a mass overall. Congress doesn’t have the knowledge or skill in healthcare planning necessary to avoid a mass of unintended consequences which will destroy the finest healthcare system in the world. Quality healthcare is not run by government bureaucrats. If you want to see government healthcare at work, look to the treatment of Native Americans and our veterans.

Gloria Moyer

Ocean Pines

Police Not Enforcing

Laws On The Books


As a long-time resident of Ocean City, I cannot any longer refrain from commenting about the lack of enforcement of Ocean City rules by the police department.

1. It is an Ocean City rule that bicycles are not permitted on the Boardwalk after 11 a.m. during the season. I walk on the Boardwalk almost everyday after this time. Hardly a day goes by that I do not see multiple bicycles. On one recent occasion, a teenager was riding a bicycle so fast near the Inlet that he almost ran into several pedestrians. On several occasions, I have stopped police officers on the Boardwalk to ask about this matter. Their response is to look at me as if they know nothing about the rule. It is dangerous.

2. There is an Ocean City rule that states no grilling within 20 feet of any building. At least that is what the fire chief told me several years ago. Just walk around Ocean City during dinner hour and you would never know this rule existed. I have even seen grilling on wooden balconies. Also extremely dangerous.

3. It is an Ocean City rule that dogs are not allowed on the beach between May 1 and Sept. 30. I cannot tell you how many times I and others have called the police department about dogs on the beach during the day and evening during the restricted period. On most calls, we have been told than an officer would disbursed. We rarely see this happen. On one call, I was even told that dogs are permitted after the lifeguards leave as long as they are on leashes.

The rules that have been established by the Mayor and City Council are for the safety of Ocean City residents and visitors. Why have these rules if they are not enforced?

Dr. Michael Parker

Ocean City

Swimmer Thankful

For Quick Service


On Sunday, July 26, 2009, I was in the ocean with my husband when a huge wave knocked me into him, head first. I blacked out for a moment and only remember my legs twisting like a pretzel. The current was drawing me back towards the ocean. Fear took over and somehow I manage to get to my feet. My husband quickly helped me out of the water. My back and neck was hurting me and I was confused.

We went over to the lifeguard and he immediately notified his team. Within minutes, there were Arty Seamen, Jake Foy, Philip Fraley and Rick Cawthern, one holding my head while the others helped me to the sand. The paramedics were called and they checked me over. They wanted me to go to the hospital but I was feeling better.

These young men were terrific in getting me the help I needed. I want to thank everyone involved in my "rescue". The shores of Ocean City are patrolled with the BEST lifeguards and paramedics. 

Again, thank you for a wonderful job that you men do everyday. May God bless you and keep you safe.
Mary Ann Jordan
Greensburg, Pa.

Coverage Lauded


Please accept my sincere appreciation for the excellent reporting of Bryan Russo and your paper for the support of the effort to restore door-to-door handicapped off-island transportation for Ocean City eligibles to their medical facilities, which are eight miles away in Berlin.

As you know, this is very important to good health maintenance when the handicapped and aged either stop driving or have no direct bus transportation to their medical facilities.

Your support are deeply appreciated by all of we handicapped and aged citizens of Ocean City and as you know the Ocean City Council has voted unanimously to restore door-to-door service and has asked Worcester County for assistance in doing so.

Bob Melvin

Ocean City

Hair Cuts To Help Charity


Worcester County GOLD (Giving Other Lives Dignity), Inc. is pleased to announce that Hair Cuttery will once again offer free haircuts to needy Worcester County children.

From now through Aug. 15, every time someone 18 years old or younger receives a haircut at a Hair Cuttery salon, Hair Cuttery will donate a free haircut to a child in need. Free haircut certificates will be sent to GOLD and will be given out to children who are returning to school. Over the past nine years, Hair Cuttery has donated more than 450,000 haircuts.

If you have questions about this program or about GOLD’s back-to-school “School Supplies for Students” program, please call 410-677-6830.

Darlene Onley