Track Your Portfolio Progress With Help Of Concise Reports

Track Your Portfolio Progress With Help Of Concise Reports

OCEAN CITY – In volatile markets, it is more important than ever to keep track of your investment performance.

This is precisely the time when it’s most critical to see to it that your financial life remains on track. To do so, and to make critical decisions about your portfolio with confidence, you need accurate, clearly presented information.

Bringing you the data you need in the form that’s most useful to you has become much easier for your financial advisor, thanks to recent improvements to our already robust reporting system. This new system can make your regular meetings with your financial advisor more productive than ever.

One especially useful enhancement is that your financial advisor can now generate reports allowing you to view your accounts’ performance as a single, consolidated summary. That makes it easier for you to get a quick read on your overall investment picture, as well as of the individual elements in your portfolio.

You can then go online to view this information in deeper detail and from multiple perspectives. Meanwhile, by spending less time generating data and explaining what it means, your financial advisor can concentrate on helping you find the right strategies and solutions. In addition, you get a single report instead of multiple, separately mailed pieces, so there’s less paper in your mailbox.

These improvements to your performance information may well prove invaluable in your meetings with your financial advisor, as you work together to make the choices that suit your portfolio — and your financial life.

(A Merrill Lynch Senior Financial Advisor. She can be reached at 410-213-8520.)