Wednesday, July 22-Recent Accidents Spark Safety Reminder

OCEAN CITY – This past week the Ocean City Police Department handled several injury accidents involving scooters, bicycles and pedestrians. In all cases, the OCPD noted negligent or illegal acts which led to collisions.

In one case, a motorist attempted to make an illegal turn, which resulted in the motorist striking two scooters at the same time. In all, four persons were injured.

In a separate incident, a bicyclist was listening to music riding with headphones in both ears and disregarded the red light, proceeding through an intersection and was struck by a car that had the right of way.

Another bicyclist was struck by a car in an intersection when she failed to stop for a red light.

Finally, a pedestrian was attempting to cross Coastal Highway against the red light and was struck by a car that had the right of way.

In every case, the collisions and subsequent injuries resulted from disregarding the traffic control devices and ignoring basic motor vehicle and pedestrian safety rules. In these instances, the injured persons were either treated at the scene or transported to the hospital for treatment. The most serious injury was a broken leg.

The OCPD reminds citizens regardless of what type of vehicle you operate you are required to follow all of the traffic laws. It is illegal to wear headphones in both ears at the same time while operating any vehicle. Vehicle operators need to be extremely vigilant while driving keeping consistently aware of pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and scooters. Avoid making quick unsignaled turns or abrupt stops. If you can’t make the turn safely, proceed past the turn and turn around when safe. Allow plenty of time to stop or proceed through intersections.

Pedestrians should only use crosswalks and not take unnecessary risks crossing busy streets against the traffic lights. Parents are reminded to pay extra attention to children when crossing busy roads. Keep hold of small children’s hands while waiting for traffic lights to change and while crossing.

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