Autumn Grove Enjoys Big Weekend

BERLIN- Autumn Grove Stables in Berlin enjoyed a highly successful weekend in two horse shows in the region last weekend, collecting first-place ribbons in several categories during the competitions.

At the Wicomico Equestrian Club show, Mae Purnell, riding Minnie, was named Reserve Champion- Short Stirrup, while Dakota Quelland on Elsewhere won a first- and two sixth-place finishes in Children’s Hunter. Devon Zorn and Smooth Criminal were champions of the Children’s Hunter, while Miranda Bryant was first in the 14-17 Medal. Jill Van Orden was first in Adult Medal and Jordan Bryant was third in Adult Medal. Maddie Farlow qualified for an under-14 medal and also was named Reserve Champion on Tango.

On Day One at the Granite Springs event, Paige Kreppel, on board Abby, was champion of the short stirrup; Carrie Dortenzo, on Felix, was champion of the beginner division; and Georgia Parolski and Sunny were champions of the pleasure division. On Day Two at Granite Springs, Isabel Golden and Fritz were champions of the Mini-Stirrup; Paige Kreppel was champion of Short Stirrup Equitation; Carrie Dortenzo and Felix took first-, second-, and third-place in pleasure; Maddie Farlow and Tango were champions of Junior Equitation; and Tommy Bahama was champion of children’s pony.