June 10-OC Police Busy Breaking Up Fights, Prostitution

OCEAN CITY – Resort police officers had their hands full last weekend, thanks particularly to another large fight downtown and undercover work that busted a bold prostitution operation.

In reference to the fight, on June 7, around 10:20 p.m., police were called to a fight that had occurred in the under-21 nightclub, H2O, and that had spilled out into the street.

According to police reports, officers arrived in the area and observed two females involved in a loud argument, which was beginning to escalate into a fight. Officers subsequently arrested both females for disorderly conduct. Police also arrested two additional 18-year-old females who were involved in the original argument and fight.

Due to the large crowd that an assembled, an OCPD officer remained in the area throughout the evening. At approximately 1:30 a.m. a fight broke out on the north side of Worcester Street and the Boardwalk. OCPD officers immediately dissolved the altercation and made several arrests. However, additional persons, unrelated to this altercation, began to fight as well. Officers made a total of six arrests.

OCPD personnel attempted to break up the large crowd using additional police personnel and a mounted patrol officer. A portion of the crowd was moving north on the Boardwalk during which time another fight broke out in the area of Somerset Street. At this time, officers continued to break up the fight and began to arrest the individuals involved.

During the incident, one officer was attempting to make an arrest when a male subject attacked the officer from behind by jumping on his back. This incident provoked additional persons to become involved and resulted in the arrest of six more persons.

In all, 16 persons were arrested after H2O closed.

Later in the night, at 1:36 a.m., police detectives responded to the 49th Street area after receiving citizen complaints that someone was soliciting citizens for prostitution.

OCPD detectives located a blue colored Dodge van with several persons around it, parked in a parking lot on 49th Street. Undercover OCPD detectives reportedly moved toward the area near the van and were approached by a male subject soliciting prostitutes.

Detectives engaged in a conversation with the male subject and two female subjects. According to police reports, Monroe negotiated with detectives to exchange money for sex with the two females, 22 years old and 38 years old. Police placed all three persons under arrest for prostitution related charges. A vehicle and $310 was seized in this case. Additionally, a small amount of marijuana was located inside of the vehicle and Monroe was also charged with CDS Possession.

For the complete stories, see The Dispatch on Friday morning.