Travel Companies Claim Room Tax Suit Flawed

BERLIN – Defendants in the civil suit filed in January by the Worcester County Commissioners against a bevy of Internet-based travel booking companies seeking what could be millions of dollars in unpaid hotel room taxes this week filed a motion to dismiss the case, citing several problems with the county’s complaint including a slippery definition… Read more »

Rocket Launches From Wallops

BERLIN – After several delays over the last two weeks for a variety of reasons including the weather, a major launch event at the Wallops Flight Facility took place as planned Tuesday night, creating a rare fireworks display throughout the mid-Atlantic area as the Air Force Minotaur I rocket arched its way across the twilight… Read more »

Ocean City News In Brief

OCEAN CITY – In the brief this week, the Ocean City budget passed through first reading, council granted an unused EDU to an entity who desperately needed it, a new downtown business could help draw some foot traffic off the Boardwalk and onto Baltimore Avenue and local cops join the world of social networking.Proposed Budget… Read more »

Ocean City Amends Busker Rules

OCEAN CITY – The buskers got a little more wiggle room to perform on the Boardwalk, as the City Council hopes Monday’s decision will make the relationship between the performers and the merchants a bit more harmonious.The City Council decided to grant the town’s street performers some extra space than what was originally proposed, attempting… Read more »

Hefty Fines Aim To Reduce Illegal Outdoor Fires

SNOW HILL – New fines for unauthorized outdoor fires should steer citizens to get the necessary permits, Worcester County Fire Marshal Jeff McMahon hopes.The County Commissioners introduced a bill increasing those fines and others at the Tuesday County Commissioners’ meeting.Current fines for unpermitted outdoor fires and other infractions of the public safety code, $25 for… Read more »

Federal Stimulus Funds Disappoint Commissioners

SNOW HILL – Hopes of infusing cash into the Worcester County economy through federal stimulus funding have largely been dashed, with the county getting little direct money, and none for requested capital improvement projects, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).“I can tell you who’s not getting it and that’s us,” said county administrator… Read more »

Air Show Booze Sales On Beach OK’d

OCEAN CITY – When City Council heard event organizer Brian Lilley read off the impressive list of performers for next month’s Ocean City Air Show, the debate over whether he could serve alcohol on the beach once again this year kind of became an afterthought.Lilley came before the Mayor and City Council on Monday night… Read more »

State Waterkeepers, MDE Settle Runoff Lawsuit

SNOW HILL – New sediment runoff rules must be in place by 2010, according to the recent settlement of a lawsuit against the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).Twelve Maryland Waterkeeper programs, including the Assateague Coastkeeper through the Assateague Coastal Trust, and the Waterkeeper Alliance brought the lawsuit against MDE over weak stormwater permit standards… Read more »

Officials Divided Over School Budget

SNOW HILL – A split-vote approving a Maintenance of Effort budget for the Worcester County schools ensures that the other county departments, which have already deeply cut their budget requests, will shoulder the burden of $327,000 in additional budget cuts. The Maintenance of Effort school budget was approved 4-3, with Commissioners Louise Gulyas, Judy Boggs… Read more »