Voices From The Readers

Credit To Brave Souls


I was on the Boardwalk Saturday night and saw the most amazing thing.

Some guy actually pushed a police officer and when the officer tried to arrest the guy more people got involved and in the way. Out of nowhere, these two guys came to the assistance of the police and were putting themselves between the police and the encroaching crowd. Talk about citizen involvement. I later found out that the guys were doormen from the Cork Bar (only got their names as Rob and Nugget). I don’t know if the police thanked these guys but they should have.

In these days of nobody wanting to get involved, these guys went above and beyond. I think maybe the mayor or police chief should give them a citizen commendation because in no way did they have to get involved but in talking to them I found out that when they saw the officer needed help that it was instinct to get involved.

If everyone had instinct like that, the world would be a better place. Maybe that’s why Ocean City is such a good town to visit.

Lauren Sterner

Ocean Pines

Do The Right Thing


Does "blackballing" exist in Ocean City today or is it just common sense to not hire someone who is known to be a troublesome employee? Should you add a person to your staff that has quit another job without giving any notice? Why would you want such an employee?

Yes, restaurant owners and managers talk about this, and no, I do not think it is illegal to do so. Corporate establishments, when called for a reference of an employee, can now only give you the dates that the employee started and ended work. That’s a reference? When asked if the employee regularly showed up for work on time, had a decent work ethic, worked well with others or had a pleasant or positive attitude, you’re left with figuring it out by the tone of the former employer as they repeat the time frame of that persons employment. Balderdash. Hogwash.

I’m strictly old school. If I have a part-time employee that wants to change to full-time by quitting their other job, I tell them that they have to give notice, and stay long enough for the manager to find (and train) their replacement before I can schedule them full time. It’s simply the right thing to do. I certainly don’t want someone to suddenly leave me in a bind.  Although, that has happened, and it sure stinks, but it stinks even more when I find out that they’ve been hired by another restaurant.

I have never called to "tattletale" on a person, but if the restaurant had asked me for a reference, I would tell them the truth. The good and the bad. I will always find something good to say, but if they left us stranded, I would say that too. And, even if I was severely short handed, I would not take on an employee, regardless of their ability, that had left another restaurant stranded for no good reason. It’s about character. Mine and theirs. I treat others the way I want to be treated. That is how I was raised not only for daily life, but for the way I conduct my business.

My father, Jim Podowski, some locals might remember, had Granny’s Pub and was known for treating his staff well; but he also stood by the local business community and would not give a job to someone who had purposely abandoned another without notice.

My mother, Audrey Podowski, has had the Satellite Coffee Shop, (now run by my brother and his wife) for nearly 30 years, and is known for her outstanding kindness and generosity with her employees. But she would never knowingly hire someone who had walked out on another restaurant without just cause and left them in dire straights and neither would my brother. It would be like a slap in the face to those who ran that restaurant, and it would be arrogant to think that that employee wouldn’t just walk out on you too. Again, why would you choose that kind of employee?

Okay, one more thing to get off my chest about restaurant employees. Thank God for the foreign kids. They come mid-June just before it starts to get busy. They stay past Labor Day weekend, sometimes well into September, an incredibly busy time, which even local kids can’t do because of school starting so early. For the most part, I find that they have a wonderful work ethic, they are happy to work and most importantly are so well mannered. It’s like they were raised by our grandmothers. Hey, I said I was old school.

Therefore, I find it very offensive when customers roll their eyes or complain about their accent, or worse, ask for an American because they don’t want to tip them. Only Native Americans are "native" Americans. We all need to remember that our ancestors were all "foreign" at one time. These kids are amazingly bright; speaking several languages, and willing to do whatever work they can find, and all the work they can find, working three and four jobs to make money to pay for school. Plus, they "pound the pavement" to find these jobs. I must get a dozen phone calls a week from American kids asking if we are hiring. I actually have to explain the phrase "pound the pavement" to them. So before you let out a pompous sigh, "Oh great, another Eastern Euorpean", please remember the golden rule. Maybe if we had treated everyone kindly all those years ago, kindness and tolerance would be the norm today.

Good grief. Ya’ll know the right thing to do, so just do it.

Kimberly Griffin

Ocean City

Tennis Center An Amenity


As the summer fast approaches, I remind locals as well as visitors to Ocean City that there are many fun activities at the Tennis Center on 61st Street. 

At the Center you will be able to find a tennis partner, play matches and receive first-class instruction at all levels. Camps and clinics are offered for all ages beginning at age 4. The Center also sponsors various tournaments throughout the summer months. Bob Washburn is the new manager of the Tennis Center and Dr. Keith Coleman, USPTA Pro 1, has returned for his fifth season as head teaching pro. Call the Center (410- 524-8337) or stop by and check out the activities.

Come out and enjoy one of Ocean City’s best activities; meet new friends; exercise; and play a great sport,

June M. Danaher’

Ocean City

Bus Drivers Beware


A note to all Ocean City bus drivers.

Protect your job and join the union because the town of Ocean City will not look out for you.

The supervisor had 21 drivers who have been on the job for a long time, and he would not take them back for the summer.

He hired 21 new people who didn’t even drive a bus before and has taken them to Sailsbury to get their CDL licenses.

The people in Ocean City will have their taxes raised with all the new people on the buses because the town will have to spend a lot of money to train them. The new drivers have already had accident, one of which cost $2,000.

The people in Ocean City should call the Mayor and Council and complain about the layoffs of the 21 bus drivers who will collect unemployment until April 2010. Now is the time to cut back on spending.

The supervisor doesn’t care about spending the taxpayers’ money. He should be removed from his position.

Richard Ruzicka

Ocean City

Support Appreciated


Loaded Gun Customs of Selbyville, Del. would like to thank everyone for making the first annual “Rods and Rockers” Car Show, Fashions Show and Pin-Up Contest on May 16 at The Steer Inn Tavern a tremendous success.

Thanks to the models (Natalee, Michelle, Lindsey, Brandi, Jill, Maia, Candace, Emily, Amy, Stacy, Jes, and Crystal) for showing off Lucky 13 Apparel, Body Double Swimwear and Loaded Gun Originals (Nancy and Erin Dunworth designs). Thanks to Skip and Tracy at the Steer Inn, and to Janie, Nancy, Jill and Debbie for making all the girls look fabulous.

Thanks to Nancy at Body Double Swimwear in Fenwick Island, Del. for her extraordinary swimwear. And last but not least, Thanks to all the car owners and spectators for sharing their custom rides and their enthusiasm for the event.

We look forward to another great time next year and would encourage any feedback at loadedguncustoms@gmail.com. Thanks for coming out.

Erin and Kevin Dunworth, Kasey McQuilkin, and Jon Deforest

Good Move With Ad Agency


I can’t believe that the City Council rejected the Tourism Commission’s recommendation of extending its favorite MGH Advertising agency’s contract for 15 months to get their money out of the Rodney advertising campaign.

Maybe those letters I sent to the Mayor and City Council made them wake up and say to themselves we can come up with a better advertising campaign than having a lifeguard run around promoting Ocean City. They took my advice to only extend MGH’s contract for six months and put out bids in September for a new advertising agency. Now maybe we can get an out-of-box advertising campaign with branding.

George Leukel III

Ocean City

Rude Treatment For Cruisers


Why did the Ocean City Police Department decide to start ticketing Cruisin’ weekend attendees for parking their vehicles/trailers in the shopping center parking lots?

People have been parking in these lots for years. Does the OCPD have any recommendations on where we should be parking our vehicles/trailers? We were in the 94th Street shopping center lot, which has only two operating stores, far away from the store entrances. We’ve been parking there for years with no problems. Now, the OCPD wants to start ticketing people. I guess they figure that’s one way to get rid of attendees. Worked in my case. I won’t be back for my week-long stay to fatten anymore OC coffers.

Cindy Wors