Worcester Prep 4th Graders Shown

With Worcester Preparatory School Physical Education teacher Mike Grosso and Corporal Rick Wawrzenriak  of the Ocean City Police Department are fourth grade students from Amanda Lynch’s and Laura Holmes’ classes. Students pictured include Adam Pizza, Tate Shockley, Chandler Dennis, Davis Mears, Ava Schwartz, Allie Van Orden, Owen Nally, Riley Dickerson, Aria Zia Shakeri, Jonathan Ruddo, Shelby Cannatelli, Eva Parks, Kathleen Emche, Maggie Coutu, Lindsay Forno, Isabel Dashiell, Zachary Wilson, Luke Buas, Rayne Parker, Regan Lingo, Sam Townsend, Lauren Gosnear, Melissa Laws, Karlie Southcomb, Reid Carey, Matthew Adkins, Ross Deckmann, Stormy McGuiness, Sambina Anthony, Julie Talbert, Ryan Frick, Thomas Polk and Leigh Lingo