My Thoughts

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to worry. Insider would never put himself in the category of people that stresses about the little things, but when it comes to eating it’s a different story. The old guy has gotten to the point in his life by eating whatever he wants whenever he wants. If he wants to crack into a gallon of Breyers and finish it one seating, he does and he’s not one to worry about what it does to his waistline, let alone his blood sugar, cholesterol or calories. Now the hip thing to do is look at the carbohydrates and transfat on certain products. Well, Insider took a look at his freezer the other day and started to “count carbs.” The old guy took a look at another brand of ice cream stocked in the back of the freezer. It said 32 carbs per serving and there was six servings listed. Does that mean Insider just put back about 192 carbs in one sitting the other night when he ate an entire carton of Breyers vanilla fudge twirl? The old guy hopes so because that would make a “carboholic” and he’s always wanted to be an “oholic” of something and alcohol is not his thing.

The old guy has been reflective of late, particularly over his life. That comes with old age. The problem is what he reflects on is not always consistent with what actually happened. For example, the old guy often thinks back on the time he had his DeSoto serviced. That would not normally be noteworthy, but when he got it back it had an odor that would simply not quit. Over time, it became such an issue he had to sell it. The problem was when Insider was telling his best friend about his moment of reflection he found out that was from an old episode of Seinfeld, one of the old guy’s favorite shows of all time. The line between reality and fiction seems to be getting closer and that confuses the old guy. Regardless of the truth, it was a nice memory.

The old guy prefers having a conversation with his dog than most people. It’s not just because his German shepherd does not talk, but also because he seems actually interested in what Insider says. It was just the other day when the old guy was contemplating the meaning of life over a cigarette and the four-legged friend really seemed to get it. She seemed to grasp the point about life being only what you make of it and not sitting back and letting it come to you. Somehow she understood it, despite the fact Insider was not sure he was making sense. The only problem is the conversation took place in a local park. It didn’t take too long for the family close be to pack up their picnic and kids and head home with a worried look. Insider thinks he overheard one parent say to the child, “Stay away from people like that.” That suits the old guy just fine.