OC To Conduct Nationwide Search For Vacancy

OCEAN CITY – With Mike Noah’s exit, the nationwide search has begun to find his replacement.

Noah, who worked for 13 years as the town’s tourism director and executive director of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, resigned this week, leaving town officials with the task of finding someone to play a role that is extremely important to the town of Ocean City.

City Manager Dennis Dare said via email that filling Noah’s position is a process that could take up to two months and that the search has already begun.

“It is a vital job and will be filled as soon as possible,” said Dare. “We are beginning a nationwide search immediately.”

Despite the fact that the town of Ocean City is currently under a hiring freeze, Dare said that filling Noah’s position doesn’t fall under the rules of the freeze.

With Noah’s resignation, the town, which has been trying to cut expenditures since October, could expect to see a bit of savings in salary paid to Noah’s replacement, as Noah had accrued annual increases in pay like all other employees.