Worcester Prep Upper and Middle School National Art Honor Society Inductees

Worcester Prep Middle and Upper School Art Instructor George Zaiser stands with students inducted into the National Art Honor Society. First row, from left, are Elizabeth Twilley, Sami Taraila, Haylea Reiner, Erin Timmons, Skylar Wilson, Jillian Smart, Dominique Kunciw, Elizabeth Hudson and Matt Meinhardt; second row, Sarah Anne Showell, Bethany Frick, Casey Reiner, Lauren Price, Zach Harman, Mary Hudson, Alex Hoshino, Courtney Spieker, Molly Simons and Zach Schroeder; third row, Michael Dowling, Gina LaBarck, Anna Townsend, Chase Harmon, Andrew Canakis, Brad Harris, Hilary Roughton, Laureen Rosa, Adam Albright and Zak Schmidt; fourth row, Austin Cook, Alexandra Smith, Sophie Townsend, Chase Moore, Raymond Nichols, Ivan Zorn, Lee Kendall, Taylor Kern, Max Perim, Zach Moffitt and Ross Roessler. Missing from the photo are Shelby Vane, Brooke Bochinski and Katie Twilley.